Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Progressive Day

After a couple of lazier days, I've had a very progressive day as far as house-keeping goes. Sunny winter days do that for me. I throw open every blind and curtain and let the sun pour in. It fills me full of energy and reveals all the dust, dirt and finger prints in the house. So, I've been happily cleaning and tidying. Bubby follows close behind with a mess of his own, but toys are easily picked up and I have him help.

I admit, I started watching American Idol. I think hubby's right. It's not worth watching until they get to the top 24. I just can't stand all those people who think they have talent and get all emotional and upset when the judges tell them the truth! I also can't stand all those people who just audition, usually in horrible costumes, just to get on TV. Frankly, I think that's not only rude, but a poor representation of America. But, it's entertainment shock value and one I could do without.

Two things did strike me....two singers that made it to Hollywood include a single mom of a daughter with a disease similar to cerebal palsy. Watching the clip on her and her daughter made me feel that this TV viewing is completely wasteful when energies and focuses need to be placed elsewhere in our lives. The other singer was a young nanny who loves the twin girls she cares for and has never seen a rated-R movie in her life. Woah, now I wish I had that claim!

So, will I watch it tonight? I don't know. It's like a wreck on the don't want to be among the lemming rubber-neckers looking at the horror, but you do anyway.

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Sarah said...

I hope I am not prying, but I am so very curious about the new picture on your blog. The... I'll say costume, and hope that I'm not being rude... looks very beautiful.