Friday, January 18, 2008

Catchup day

There are chores I've been putting off that I'd like to do today. I need to make whey and cream cheese, wash the stairs and landing to the basement and wash the hardwood floors. I'd also like to work on the Great Basement Clean-out some more, too. It requires a bit of creativity because I don't have the funds to buy some of the items I'd love to have to organize and store things. Today, I could move my pantry, though. Right now it is under the basement stairs. However, when hubby runs the heating system through the basement, it'll be too warm down here for a pantry. So, we decided to move the pantry to an outside wall by the oil tank. Then, hubby's going to partition off the area so it'll stay cooler than the rest of the basement. It'll also hide the ugly oil tank.

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Shan said...

I have been reading your blog for some time now and just wanted to say "Hello". I too am in the mood to clean and organize, so look out dust bunnies!!

I just started my own blog, so visit me if you have time:

Yours in kindred spirits,

PS. Kisses to Bubby!