Thursday, January 03, 2008

Closet Space Needed...SOLVED!

I found an organizer here: that I could use for my "armoire." I'm going to purchase this, then add a wood shelf on top, then attach fabric "walls" around it. To make the front open wide, I'm going to add velcro to the front of the top shelf to attach and detach the fabric "doors." The whole thing should cost me around $100.00, depending on the cost of the fabric per yard. Thankfully, Walmart usually sells some lovely toile fabric for around $5.00 a yard.

For now, I've counted up my loose change and what's left of my birthday money. I can afford the organizer, but will have to wait on the shelf and fabric. Still, it'll be nice to have it, set it up and start prepping that walk-in closet in the nursery for the expansion of our family!

In the meantime, I'm still working on The Great Basement Clean-Out. I've filled to overflowing the get-rid of box. I've also managed to go through and burn several boxes of stuff left over from when we moved. There's just so much stuff!

My living room re-arrange was a success. Hubby came home from work and told me that the house looked nice. He liked the way I did the living room.

In other news, I'm hermiting. Between the bitter cold and a bad bronchial infection going around the area, hubby and I decided it's best for Bubby and I to stay home. He doesn't want us getting sick again. I might not even go to church on Sunday since several members of my family have the infection and may still be carrying around the "left-overs" even though they feel well enough to rejoin society. I do have to run a few errands tomorrow. We're low on milk and bread and I could use some cheese. I also have to go to the bank.

Well, off I go to pay some bills and clean the basement some more.

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