Monday, March 20, 2006

Used Goodies!

Oh what fun! Last weekend the local Catholic school held an indoor tag sale! The place was milling with people, but I managed to get some neat things:

a little red old-fashioned-type baby piano for the baby's room
a copper gelatin mold
a box of stationary
two sets of brand new baby shower thank you cards
a really cute silk blend mint colored cardigan with embroidered flowers on it
a Fannie Farmer cookbook
two old text books (New York State Second Year Arithmetic and Business Arithmetic)

I spent $8.25 (the little piano was $5.00)


Spring Again!

March 20th! Spring is officially here at 1:26 pm EST! I'm so glad, even if it is only 25 degrees F out today. The sun is out, so I'm happy.

There's a song my hubby and I listen to whenever we need a boost, especially during the cabin fever days of late winter. It's from the celtic band Runrig:


I'm alive again on a Maymorning
Going to wipe the slate clean
Follow my dreams
All the yearning buds are here again
With the the promise of a new life to come
Spring is here again

The sun is melting over the hills
All our roads are waitingTo be revealed
For this in day history has brought us to here
Now it's all there for the taking
The day is what you see

The light's returning, the work is in hand
All the cynics have vanished
From where we stand
All the chances wasted are drawing me near
And all around there's new life rising
From the winter fields

I'm alive again I'm alive again

Of course, this about a May morning, not March. Spring weather actually comes a bit later for us....May is the main spring month. But still, it fits and it makes me feel great! It's a great upbeat song.


Friday, March 17, 2006

Where's Spring?

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and there's hardly any snow on the ground. It looks like a lovely early spring day. Just open the door, though and you'll realize it's still winter. My neighbor's daughters looked like they were going on a polar expedition while waiting for the bus.

I did see my first robin of spring last Sunday, though. Unfortunately, it was dead in the road! If I believed in omens, I'd take that as one! LOL

I am 5 weeks, 6 days from my due date! Pregnancy is becoming quite cumbersome, but I have good days and bad days. It is nice to have the excuse to rest when I please, but I don't like to abuse the privaledge. My greatest desire to is putter in the yard, but not in this frigid weather!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all those who observe! Hubby and I are having bangers and mash for dinner. The corned beef is too expensive this year. We're not Irish, though. He's Scottish and Italian. I'm German, Polish, and Welsh with just a sprinkling of French and Native American. In other words, we're Americans! And yes, we've heard all the Scottish kilt jokes and all the Polish stupid jokes and all the German jokes and Italian mafia impressions. *roll eyes*

Oh, there's one thing left I MUST remember today!! I was quoting this for a while every day and it really gave me a boost and helped me appreciate the day. "This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it."


Thursday, March 16, 2006

Food Glorious Food

After succumbing to some bad eating habits these past few days, and feeling achy from the pregnancy weight I've gained, and reading magazine after magazine concerning health and nutrition, food has been on my mind.

I keep reading about portion control and the appropriate number of calories certain people need to take in. Apparently, America eats too much (as if that's not obvious already). Our portions are huge! I rarely can finish a meal at a restaurant, and when I do, everyone's thrilled. But, if you think about it, I just ate a meal for 3 adults! No wonder America's fat! Thankfully, I've never been overweight. Underweight, yes. Overweight, no.

Sooo....I've been reading up on what serving sizes and portions are and I'm shocked at how little they are!! I think, how can anyone feel full on that?! So, I decided to take on a challenge (I'll talk about it later in the post). Can I cut my portions into individual serving sizes and still feel full?

Caloric intake is important, too. The average person needs 2,000 calories a day. Actually, I think that number is lower because so many people are sedentary nowadays, but I'm a fairly active young lady, so I'll stick with 2,000. I'm allowed an extra 300 calories a day for being pregnant to help sustain the life in me. So, that's 2,300 calories.

Can I control my portions, eat well, and feel full on only 2,300 calories a day? Let's see......

2 slices rye toast with butter flavored spray 110 calories
1 cup corn flakes with 1/2 cup skim milk and two strawberries 150 calories
1 large orange 120 calories
16 oz. water
Total Breakfast Calories: 380

16 oz. water
1 serving crackers w/1 slice cheese 140 calories

Veggie burger on wheat bread with spinach, tomato, cheese and mustard 395 calories
fruit cocktail 100 calories
pumpkin pie with lite whipped topping 300 calories
16 oz water
Total Lunch Calories: 795 calories

1 cup Might Bites cereal with 1/2 cup skim milk 180 calories
1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce 25 calories
Total Snack calories: 205 calories

Dinner (I haven't eaten it yet, but I know what I'm having)
1 serving (4 1/2" diameter) chicken pot pie approx. 535 calories (mine might be less because I use cream of chicken soup instead of a fat-laden gravy)
16 oz. water

Total Calories so far: 2055

Yeah! I have enough for dessert! Dessert is going to be apple crisp with whipped topping!

So, I guess it IS possible! Of course, I could eat even more, but I splurged and had that pumpkin pie at lunch. YUM!!

Drinking water REALLY helps cut back on calorie intake, plus when I get a little hungry and it's not time to eat, drinking water helps curb it.

I admit, it's hard to keep those calories down sometimes, especially since my hard working hubby can burn up to 6,000 calories a day in the wintertime. So, I have to feed him accordingly, but keep my calorie intake much lower than his. But, discipline is key.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mid March Musing

I have to laugh at my mixed emotions. I'm so blessed and prayers have been answered in my life, yet at the time same time I'm a bit grumpy. I'm thankful for the blessings, but there's a few things going on that have me a little perterbed. My car breaking is one of them. The bathroom door broke and it's causing hubby a great headache. The weather is turning colder. My knee is killing me and the rest of my body is helping it along. I can't sleep in bed anymore. It's too uncomfortable. Mud season has started, so I can't keep the floors clean. I'm super clumsy and keep dropping things, but I can barely get down to pick them up again.....

But it's funny that one thing falls on top of the's like the fellow who stubs his toe and gets so mad at it he hits the wall. That causes the wall to break and his knuckles to throb. While fixing the wall, he splots putty on the carpet that causes his wife to grump about it which gets him upset again. Now they're both upset and the baby starts to cry......the butterfly affect.

I get upset at one thing and suddenly every thing makes me upset and suddenly I can't do anything because I'm too busy wallowing in upset and aches and pains. It's even to the point where I want to scream at the wind to stop blowing and for the temperature to stop dropping! (It's the weather that's murdering my knee, by the way)


So, I take a deep breath, and think of my blessings:

The changing table arrived yesterday. My brother helped me put it together and I spent the afternoon setting it up and going through bags of baby clothes!

My baby is a healthy wiggler and often pokes out his fanny or his head or knee or foot and it's such a comfort to rub my tummy and feel him. Yesterday, he was curled up just right that I could actually cradle him through my tummy.

A family prayer has been answered, but I am not at liberty to share what it is on this blog.

Hubby gave me the go-ahead to start working on getting that new vehicle.

My car breaking down forces me to use hubby's truck, which is actually much more comfortable for me to drive at this point in my pregnancy.

My doctor's appointments have been moved to Friday mornings which works out perfect because hubby can come with me now!

Even though it's windy and getting colder, the sun is out today!! Throw open those curtains!!

My digestion may be slower and I'm prone to terrible heartburn and nausea, but I get to spoil myself by buying all those special foods I crave like fruit and yogurt and waffles and cold cereal and rice and couscous and shrimp, etc.

So, it's not so bad after all, but my knee still hurts!!


Monday, March 13, 2006

Automobile history

It's been decided as of this morning. We're saving up for a down payment on a different vehicle.

Last night was the last straw with my car. This car has given me nothing but headaches since we bought it 3 years ago. Granted, not all of it was it's fault. Someone dumped corn syrup in the gas tank and my brakelines were mysteriously severed at one point. But, we've still dumped more money into that car and not one thing was covered under warrenty or insurance!! UGH!!! Last night, I went out to pick up Chinese for dinner. It was fairly obvious the alternator wasn't up to par. I hardly had any power. I did not leave any lights on and it is a new battery in the car. When I turned off the headlights, the switch broke in two in my hand. Now, I can't even turn my headlights on. Not to mention the car's been recalled numerous times.

So......hubby and I are looking into buying a used Dodge Durango or GMC Jimmy. Something that'll accomodate our growing family and be able to tow our enclosed trailer. We've found a few affordable ones, but need to save up money for all the burocracy and a down payment. Thankfully, my sister is being courted by a fellow who's dad owns a used car business. He promised to help us out.

But, please keep us in your prayers concerning getting this vehicle. Thankfully again, hubby is getting a ride to and from work, so I have his truck should I need to go anywhere. I don't have to rely on my broken-down car. My car certainly lives up to it's make....Ford (Fix Or Repair Daily).


Friday, March 10, 2006


I'm 33 weeks, 1 day pregnant today and the baby is in the head-down position! :) I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that he's not breech. I had a feeling he was head down anyway because I can feel his little fanny when I pat my tummy. I've also felt jabs in the diaphragm that feel like little feet kicking away. :) It isn't long now!

It kinda awes me that even though my baby isn't born yet, he's only inches, just inches from air. He's here, he's just not here-here. He's in my womb, but hasn't felt the air of the world on his skin yet.

My mother gave me a rocking chair for the nursery! I'm so thrilled with it. Right now, it's residing in the dining room next to the window. I can sit in it and watch the birds at the bird feeder.

Today is a gorgeous day! I want to let my dog outside to play, but she'd get really muddy and I have no one to lift her in the tub. Hubby's at work and my brother will be leaving for work soon. I want to go outside, myself. Putter in the yard. Most of the snow is gone, so I can do something outside. I hope this lasts, but it's still March and still winter and I still live in the "frozen north."

I do need to wash my garden gloves. I left them out in the garage and some little mouse pooed all over them. >:b We have critters everywhere. A squirrel is living in the attic. He makes quite a stir at times.

My heartburn is getting bad. I have to be super careful what I eat and when I eat. It didn't help that last night for dinner I made myself a bowl of canned ravaoli. Shame shame! I paid for it, dearly. This morning, I indulged in some orange juice. Shame shame again!

Other than that, the world turns, the sun sets, and life goes on. :)


Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Only 13 days until Spring!

Only 18 days until the Baby Shower!

Only 51 days until my due date!

Losing Weight, Gaining Health After Baby

A lot of women see having a baby as adding on those extra pounds, spreading out and no longer having that youthful figure. In general, that's true, but I see having a baby as a great opportunity to lose weight, tone up, and enjoy greater health. After all, I need to be twice as healthy with my next pregnancy because I'll be running around after a little one!

I hear giggles from seasoned mothers. These are the ones that tell me, you'll be lucky to put a brush in your hair let alone exercise. You'll be eating whatever you can grab, not preparing a fresh salad. I admit, this is my first pregnancy. I don't know what to expect after baby is born. But I didn't know what to expect with my pregnancy, and I've worked through that! Part of it is just making up our mind. The other part is praying about it. And yet another part is using the situation as an advantage.

After all, I've already developed good eating habits and more nutritional eating habits to sustain my pregnancy.

Breast feeding is known to help reduce the lbs and can burn 500 calories a day.

Lifting up and holding a baby is a great exercise for my arms!

I was blessed with a brand new infant stroller, and the advantage of having my baby in the spring. I have months and months of pushing that stroller up and down the roads! And after a winter stuck indoors and pregnant, I'm READY to go outside.

There's a DVD of postnatal pilates out that seems to actually incorporate playtime and bonding time with your infant!

In order to keep my doggy from getting jealous and misbehaving, I have to dedicate exercise time to her as well. She's a high strung, muscle breed of dog that NEEDS to run around or she gets really bratty.

I already have a DVD with a postnatal workout and the prenatal workout is also good for building up to a regular workout video.

It's cheaper to lose the weight than buy a whole new wardrobe. *tee hee*

My mind is totally made up! I understand that a newborn creates ups and downs and colicky nights and little fevers that send chills up my spine. I know that I won't be able to be on the nose consistant, but I can at least try and avoid making excuses.

I'll let you know how it goes after I have the baby. :)


Monday, March 06, 2006


I'm washing my bedding today. I got thinking that the next time I wash the sheets, I'll be packing away the flannel ones and breaking out the cotton sateen ones! A sure sign of spring!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Kitchen Counters

I'm doing well with this limited computer thing. :) I've got 98% of my chores done for the day! So, I decided to treat myself to some blog time. :)

I have a galley kitchen. This galley kitchen has 3 counter spaces. The first space holds the microwave, the coffee pot and the paper towels. I've been able to keep up with that space and fulfilled my desire to have nothing sitting on top of the microwave. I don't like the cluttered look of using the top of the microwave as a storage space. Then there's my sink. After my sink is the next counter space. This holds my glass sugar canister, the butter dish, the salt shaker and the toaster oven. This, I've been able to keep up, but it's the main work station, so it gets a lot of use, and sometimes becomes a catchall for dirty dishes and recyclables. Overall, I keep up on it fairly well. Then there's my stove. After that is the 3rd counter top. This is the bain of my existance. I'm having a hard time keeping it tidy. Today, I cleaned it off, but it still houses the onion basket, the fruit basket, the vintage kitchen scale (that I do use), a catch-all canister for coupons and boxtops, a plastic container of almonds, dog buiscuts, and whatever else can claim a spot there. I dislike cluttered countertops, so I'm trying to find ways to declutter this one. So far no good. I'll just have to keep thinking.