Monday, March 20, 2006

Used Goodies!

Oh what fun! Last weekend the local Catholic school held an indoor tag sale! The place was milling with people, but I managed to get some neat things:

a little red old-fashioned-type baby piano for the baby's room
a copper gelatin mold
a box of stationary
two sets of brand new baby shower thank you cards
a really cute silk blend mint colored cardigan with embroidered flowers on it
a Fannie Farmer cookbook
two old text books (New York State Second Year Arithmetic and Business Arithmetic)

I spent $8.25 (the little piano was $5.00)



Naomi said...

I saw on Candy's site that you had your baby. CONGRATS!!!!!

I am so glad to hear that everything is ok. Enjoy your sweet new baby. They are wonderful.


Muriel said...

Hi Kate,
I also saw your comment on Candy's blog "félicitations !" as we say in french (that's means congratulations), and welcome to your little boy.
I hope you are not to tired and the breasfeeding is OK for you now, if you need some advice I'd be glad to help you, you can e-mail me:, I nursed my 3 children during one whole year each !
God bless you and your family