Monday, March 13, 2006

Automobile history

It's been decided as of this morning. We're saving up for a down payment on a different vehicle.

Last night was the last straw with my car. This car has given me nothing but headaches since we bought it 3 years ago. Granted, not all of it was it's fault. Someone dumped corn syrup in the gas tank and my brakelines were mysteriously severed at one point. But, we've still dumped more money into that car and not one thing was covered under warrenty or insurance!! UGH!!! Last night, I went out to pick up Chinese for dinner. It was fairly obvious the alternator wasn't up to par. I hardly had any power. I did not leave any lights on and it is a new battery in the car. When I turned off the headlights, the switch broke in two in my hand. Now, I can't even turn my headlights on. Not to mention the car's been recalled numerous times.

So......hubby and I are looking into buying a used Dodge Durango or GMC Jimmy. Something that'll accomodate our growing family and be able to tow our enclosed trailer. We've found a few affordable ones, but need to save up money for all the burocracy and a down payment. Thankfully, my sister is being courted by a fellow who's dad owns a used car business. He promised to help us out.

But, please keep us in your prayers concerning getting this vehicle. Thankfully again, hubby is getting a ride to and from work, so I have his truck should I need to go anywhere. I don't have to rely on my broken-down car. My car certainly lives up to it's make....Ford (Fix Or Repair Daily).



Anonymous said...

LOL...have never heard that Ford means Fix or Repair Daily! We have a Ford Windstar and it's been pretty reliable. The only thing is we're outgrowing it with baby #7 on the way.

Naomi said...

I just came upon your blog. I love it. I can totaly relate with your car troubles. We had a Ford Taurus. It was the worst car we ever had. I hope that you are able to find something soon.