Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mid March Musing

I have to laugh at my mixed emotions. I'm so blessed and prayers have been answered in my life, yet at the time same time I'm a bit grumpy. I'm thankful for the blessings, but there's a few things going on that have me a little perterbed. My car breaking is one of them. The bathroom door broke and it's causing hubby a great headache. The weather is turning colder. My knee is killing me and the rest of my body is helping it along. I can't sleep in bed anymore. It's too uncomfortable. Mud season has started, so I can't keep the floors clean. I'm super clumsy and keep dropping things, but I can barely get down to pick them up again.....

But it's funny that one thing falls on top of the other.....it's like the fellow who stubs his toe and gets so mad at it he hits the wall. That causes the wall to break and his knuckles to throb. While fixing the wall, he splots putty on the carpet that causes his wife to grump about it which gets him upset again. Now they're both upset and the baby starts to cry......the butterfly affect.

I get upset at one thing and suddenly every thing makes me upset and suddenly I can't do anything because I'm too busy wallowing in upset and aches and pains. It's even to the point where I want to scream at the wind to stop blowing and for the temperature to stop dropping! (It's the weather that's murdering my knee, by the way)


So, I take a deep breath, and think of my blessings:

The changing table arrived yesterday. My brother helped me put it together and I spent the afternoon setting it up and going through bags of baby clothes!

My baby is a healthy wiggler and often pokes out his fanny or his head or knee or foot and it's such a comfort to rub my tummy and feel him. Yesterday, he was curled up just right that I could actually cradle him through my tummy.

A family prayer has been answered, but I am not at liberty to share what it is on this blog.

Hubby gave me the go-ahead to start working on getting that new vehicle.

My car breaking down forces me to use hubby's truck, which is actually much more comfortable for me to drive at this point in my pregnancy.

My doctor's appointments have been moved to Friday mornings which works out perfect because hubby can come with me now!

Even though it's windy and getting colder, the sun is out today!! Throw open those curtains!!

My digestion may be slower and I'm prone to terrible heartburn and nausea, but I get to spoil myself by buying all those special foods I crave like fruit and yogurt and waffles and cold cereal and rice and couscous and shrimp, etc.

So, it's not so bad after all, but my knee still hurts!!



Anonymous said...

Can you get some old "I Love Lucy" shows? Sometimes, when life seems to just, well.....'hit the crapper', these shows just do a lot for me!! Elly

Kate said...

I used to watch I Love Lucy all the time! Hubby hates the show, though. He says it's a rude and poor portrayal of the housewife.