Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Losing Weight, Gaining Health After Baby

A lot of women see having a baby as adding on those extra pounds, spreading out and no longer having that youthful figure. In general, that's true, but I see having a baby as a great opportunity to lose weight, tone up, and enjoy greater health. After all, I need to be twice as healthy with my next pregnancy because I'll be running around after a little one!

I hear giggles from seasoned mothers. These are the ones that tell me, you'll be lucky to put a brush in your hair let alone exercise. You'll be eating whatever you can grab, not preparing a fresh salad. I admit, this is my first pregnancy. I don't know what to expect after baby is born. But I didn't know what to expect with my pregnancy, and I've worked through that! Part of it is just making up our mind. The other part is praying about it. And yet another part is using the situation as an advantage.

After all, I've already developed good eating habits and more nutritional eating habits to sustain my pregnancy.

Breast feeding is known to help reduce the lbs and can burn 500 calories a day.

Lifting up and holding a baby is a great exercise for my arms!

I was blessed with a brand new infant stroller, and the advantage of having my baby in the spring. I have months and months of pushing that stroller up and down the roads! And after a winter stuck indoors and pregnant, I'm READY to go outside.

There's a DVD of postnatal pilates out that seems to actually incorporate playtime and bonding time with your infant!

In order to keep my doggy from getting jealous and misbehaving, I have to dedicate exercise time to her as well. She's a high strung, muscle breed of dog that NEEDS to run around or she gets really bratty.

I already have a DVD with a postnatal workout and the prenatal workout is also good for building up to a regular workout video.

It's cheaper to lose the weight than buy a whole new wardrobe. *tee hee*

My mind is totally made up! I understand that a newborn creates ups and downs and colicky nights and little fevers that send chills up my spine. I know that I won't be able to be on the nose consistant, but I can at least try and avoid making excuses.

I'll let you know how it goes after I have the baby. :)



Mrs.B. said...

What a fabulous attitude! Good for you! (o:

Julie said...

I have never had a baby. But I say to you, keep up the positive attitude. Before we were blessed with children, hubby and I observed other parents. We saw things we did not like in thier parenting styles and vowed to be different. Lots of people laughed and said "Just wait until you have your own kids". Well Im here to say we have stuck to our guns and we have some of the best behaved children. I know that sounds like bragging but believe me when I tell you it was all God. He has made us consistent parents with good attitudes. Our kids are happy and people LIKE to be around them. I say that to say this, just because you have not experienced something does not mean you have to be totally ignorant. The behaviors I did not want in my children are behaviors that my children do not have because I learned before they came along how to deal with them. You are doing a great job!!

Stephanie said...

With my first child, getting the pregnancy pounds off was easy, easy! I was back in shape at 6 months post-partum. It was just me and him and We did whatever I needed to do. Now after my second pregnancy, I am still working on getting those baby pounds off and it's been 10 months. It's a lot harder with two, surprisingly so. I was foolish in thinking it would be just like with the first pregnancy. Having two, you have less time to give full attention to exercise or what you're eating. But it has definitely started coming together as I work on being more organized and using my time more wisely, And the weight is coming off, just more slowly than I would like. And Breastfeeding does help, big time!