Friday, July 28, 2006

A Sitcom made sense and my wonderful hubby!

My dad gave us an antenna for our TV. I hooked it up and I get WB really fuzzy. One day, while breast feeding, I flipped it on and watched an episode of "Yes, Dear." I'm not a sitcom fan at all, especially since most portray the wife as really contentious and the husband as a doofus and the children are really poorly behaved and run the family. But, I watched this episode and it was actually a good one:

The wife is concerned that her marriage is getting boring because all they seem to talk about is their son, Sammy. The husband doesn't really see this as a problem, but it bothers the wife so much, she tries a variety of games to induce non-family-topic conversations. It doesn't work, so she asks her husband to take a wine course at the local college with her. He agrees and it seems to boost their conversations.

However, the reading is rather demanding and the wife can't find the time to read the text book because she's too busy taking care of Sammy. Test time comes, and the wife is caught cheating. She's embarrassed and leaves the room. Her husband follows and asks what was going on. She confessed she didn't have time to do the reading because she was busy with Sammy. She explained that she set aside Thursday to read, but Sammy learned a new word, "zebra" and said it over and over again, so she took him to the zoo to show him the zebra. The husband thought this was so great and told his wife that THIS is what they need to be talking about. THIS is what's important in their lives, their family and son, Sammy.

The other day, my son spent all evening crying and screaming. He had 4 vaccinations (yes, I've heard all the arguments on whether or not we should vaccinate our children, so please refrain from repeating them to me) so he was a bit upset. I was getting frustrated with his crying and hubby noticed. He gave me a big hug and rubbed my back and told me that he knew I was doing my best, but baby just needed to cry.

I've got $105.26 saved up for a new fridge!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

How to stack your fridge and to-do

I heard on the radio today the proper way to stack your fridge:

Crisper 1: veggies like broccoli, peppers, eggplant, etc
Crisper 2: apples only (apple give off gasses that can rot other fruit)
Door: Condiments and bottles of wine layed flat
Top shelf: fruits and veggies (this is the warmest part of your fridge)
2nd shelf: milk, butter, beverages
3rd shelf: raw meats, lunch meats, eggs

Tuesday play by play:

5:30 am woke up
hubby's lunch
measured my weight loss 129 lbs, 29" waist, 39" hips, 20 1/2" thighs
fed and changed baby
fed fish
fixed bed
got dressed
put mail out
7:00 am ate breakfast
meal ideas for the weekend
transfered water
tidied sofa
sewed pants
fed, changed baby
changed clothes (baby peed on me)
called parents
went grocery shopping
got gas
visited parents
fed and changed baby
had lunch
changed baby
sewed pants
got mail
sewed baby clothes
fed and changed baby
sewed baby clothes
put baby down for nap
brought back garbage pail
read Bible
wrote in diary
put laundry away sewed baby clothes
fed and changed bby
played with baby
made dinner
read paper
washed dishes
boiled eggs
finished baby clothes
fed and changed baby
made rice crispy treats
made egg salad
watched CSI Miami with hubby
fed and changed baby
put baby to bed
bed by 8:30 pm

Wednesday Play by Play
5:30 am awake
got hubby up
fed and changed baby
went back to bed
7:15 awake
had breakfast
put clothes away
mail in box
tidied sofa
laundry fixed bed
8:30 fed baby, changed
read Bible
washed up
cut up melon
hung laundry
got mail
wrote in diary
fed and changed baby
lunch dishes
hung laundry
another load of laundry
sew caraco jacket
fed baby
put baby down for nap
sew caraco
put laundry away
fed and changed baby
freshened up
put more laundry away
cooked dinner
ate dinner
fed and changed baby
read paper
made cookies
went for walk
bath for baby
fed and changed baby
put bay to bed
8:45pm in bed

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Catching Up and My To-Do

Sunday, our neighbor asked if we wanted to go swimming. It was so hot, we couldn't refuse. My dilemma was there was no way I was wearing my old swimsuit! It's a modest swimsuit, but my figure has changed since having a baby. So, instead, I wore a pair of sports shorts, a sportsbra and a t-shirt. You know, it's so much better going swimming when you're covered up! No worries about the figure, any missed shaving, or getting sunburned!

My son had a great time bobbing around with mommy in the pool!

I cleaned out my fridge yesterday and I realized how much food goes to waste. I wonder how I can reduce food waste. I already write out menus for the week, but I always make a little extra because it's hard to judge how hungry hubby's going to be when he comes home from work. When my brother lived with us, I rarely had leftovers, and when I did, he gobbled them up the next day! It was great! Any suggestions?

I think I'm going to write my own recipe book to sell....possibly as an e-book. I'm thinking of calling it: "The Way to a Man's Heart" because they're all my recipes taste tested by the men in my life (hubby, brothers, father, father-in-law). But I'm wondering if people might consider that title derrogatory. What's your opinion?

My Mother told me that my Grandmother used to and probably still does clean the bathroom every day! I'm beginning to think I'll have to do something similar. Right now, I deep clean once a week and quick clean once a week. It's not enough. Hubby and I have long hair and hubby works a messy job. We also have a dog. That bathroom needs cleaning more least the floor needs washing more often.

I'm glad we live in a cottage and not in that single wide trailer any more. That trailer was an easy bake oven in the summer time! This cottage stays much cooler! Thank you, Jesus for our cottage!

Back to school is a great time to organize, especially paperwork and recipes! Binders, folders, caddies, etc can really get that clutter organized! And they're on sale to!

All right. Here's a play by play on yesterday:

5:30 am woke up
Made hubby's lunch
fixed bed
fed fish
fed and changed baby
bathed baby
read bible
wrote in diary
put mail out
cleaned fridge
put out garbage
one load laundry
cleaned out medicine drawer in bathroom
moved sewing to basement
fed pond fish
read bible
hung laundry

9:00 am I had a snack
Cut recipes from magazine
cleaned bathroom
fed and changed baby
played with baby
did life insurance paperwork
froze peas from the garden

11:00 am had lunch
organized clipped recipes
took a nap
fed and changed baby
got mail
tidied house
parents came to visit
sewed pj pants for a friend's daughter
fed and changed baby
made icebox pie
wiped down counter tops
put baby down for a nap in cradle
cooling shower
did my hair, make-up and changed for the evening
brought in and put away laundry
chose recipes for recipe book
fed and changed baby
read Bible
got hubby's shower and clothes read
went to inlaws house for dinner
fed and changed baby
put baby to bed
fed fish

9:45 pm asleep

Today's To-Do list:

Check weight loss
e-mail friends about weekend
update blog
Grocery shop clothes, finish pj pants, 18th century caraco jacket

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Raining, Raining

What a wet summer we're having! I'm not really complaining. My tomato plants look great and everything is so green still! I'm not fond of cloudy days, but I do like rainy days. :)

Be sure to check out Beautiful Womanhood (or LAF). They've updated.

Also, I'm going to participate in Candy's To-do challenge. I'll post my to-do's on this blog at the end of next week. :)

I'm I want a new computer or a new refrigerator more? I'm actually leaning towards a new refrigerator. Both are wants at this point in time, but a new fridge will be more of a need eventually. :)

So far, I have $81.87 saved up for a new fridge. I'm considering one with the freezer on the bottom, but I know I don't want a side by side.

I finished reading Kateri of the Mohawks. It was interesting, but the end was rather disturbing. The author portrays Kateri Tekakwitha as basically dying from paying penance. She pretty much starved herself and beat herself and branded herself to pay for the sins of her and her people.
For this, they considered her very holy. I thank God that we don't need to pay penance for our sins. God has already forgiven us.

My next read I hope will be John Taylor Gatto's book Underground History of American Education. I just have to acquire the book. It's expensive to buy and hard to find.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mid-July Musings

My son is 3 1/2 months old now! I love experiencing all his growing and all his developments. I'm so glad I can stay home and experience every little bit of his life! He's working his hands better and starting to actually grab and things and sort of play with them. He can pull his own binky out of his mouth, but not put it back in yet. He also looks forward to his routine, but has made a change. He doesn't want me reading to him at night. Every time I try, he cries.

I was showering this morning and the power went out! How annoying!

Oh, by the way, my foot is better. Still a touch sore, but better.

Well, I'm hungry....tootles!

Monday, July 10, 2006

I can't think of a title

Hubby and I went out on a date on Saturday. We saw the Pirates movie. BIG cliff-hanger ending!

Otherwise, it's been a fairly peaceful existance other than last night. At 10:30 pm, my husband was getting in and out of bed. I asked him what was wrong and he said that a storm was coming and he wanted to the tent down outside. So, I said we could run outside and take it down, but he was worried about leaving our son in the house. (What a sweet, caring man I have!) I reassured him that our son was sound asleep and that we could have the tent down in 5 minutes.

So, we ran outside and I realized that the storm wasn't coming. It was already here!! The lightening was fantastic and frightening. I dislike electric storms, and I dislike them more at night and I hate being outside during one. In my growing panic, I was pulling the heavy beams that hold the ridge pole up (this is a rather large 18th century reproduction tent) and I stumbled a little and dropped the pole right on top of my foot. Well, today I can hardly walk.

I couldn't last night. I stayed up with my son asleep in my arms reading the book "Kateri of the Mohawks."


Friday, July 07, 2006

July So Far

Bible Reading:

I finally figured out how I can get a substantial amout of Bible reading in per day. I read the Bible out loud to my son while he's nursing. It's great! I can usually get in 2 chapters per feeding AND I have a better understanding of the Word when I read it out loud!

To keep track, I wrote out each book and each number of chapters and I highlight the chapter numbers as I read them.


The Case of the Missing Checkbook: I lost my checkbook and was frantic to find it. I was so stressed out, wondering what happened to it. Finally, after just about turning my house upside down, I found it among some recipes! Thank the Lord!

Raspberries and Peas:

That's what I'm harvesting now in my garden. :) I love the raspberries in a bowl with sugar cane sprinkled on top and vanilla rice milk added.

New Fridge Fund:

I am saving up to buy a new fridge. And I mean a NEW fridge. No second hand, no give-aways. I want a NEW fridge.

Forth of July:

My husband wanted a picnic, so we put together one with his parents, our neighbors and my little brother. It was a grand time with yummy food.


Made in America Products Catalog

Turkey Hill Ice Cream Strawberry Cheesecake

Saturday, July 01, 2006

New computer....

Getting a new computer will be delayed some. You see, my husband's truck needed some big repair work. It cost us nearly $1,000.00 that we didn't really have to spare. Thankfully, God provides, and we were able to pay cash, though our savings account was just about wiped out and all the money I saved up for another vehicle was used up. But, it was still there. I really didn't want to put it on a credit card.

I'm not too worried, though. God always provides! I'll be able to get a new computer when God wants me to have a new computer. He HAS been dealing with my computer addiction for a while. :)

My parents don't live too far from me, so I'll be able to blog at their house. So, don't disappear on me, dear readers. I'll still be here.

A blessing for my home

A few days ago, my Aunt called my mother and told her she had a rug she wanted to be rid of. My mom told me about it, and I gladly took it off her hands. It's an 8 foot by 10 foot braided rug that was in her living room. She was worried about it being worn, but it looks just about brand new!

So, yesterday, I rolled up the old rug in the living room that the previous owner's dog peed on, and put down the new rug. It looks so good! Thank you, Jesus!

I got to visit with my Aunt and I was inspired by her little home. She lives in a single wide mobile home with her husband and teenage son. She has it done up so cute, uncluttered and spotless! I immediately tackled my home and have been doing so since! Here and there I'm cleaning and decluttering more and more...the ongoing battle.

My goal is to get down to 125 pounds and be organized before I become pregnant with my next child. :)