Friday, July 07, 2006

July So Far

Bible Reading:

I finally figured out how I can get a substantial amout of Bible reading in per day. I read the Bible out loud to my son while he's nursing. It's great! I can usually get in 2 chapters per feeding AND I have a better understanding of the Word when I read it out loud!

To keep track, I wrote out each book and each number of chapters and I highlight the chapter numbers as I read them.


The Case of the Missing Checkbook: I lost my checkbook and was frantic to find it. I was so stressed out, wondering what happened to it. Finally, after just about turning my house upside down, I found it among some recipes! Thank the Lord!

Raspberries and Peas:

That's what I'm harvesting now in my garden. :) I love the raspberries in a bowl with sugar cane sprinkled on top and vanilla rice milk added.

New Fridge Fund:

I am saving up to buy a new fridge. And I mean a NEW fridge. No second hand, no give-aways. I want a NEW fridge.

Forth of July:

My husband wanted a picnic, so we put together one with his parents, our neighbors and my little brother. It was a grand time with yummy food.


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prayzgod said...

Wow, you only get 2 chapters read on a feeding?! When I nursed, it was about 45 minutes per time, so I could get several chapters read. :-s

Your little one must be a super-nurser. :-)

Kate said...

Dear Candy,
Yes, he is!