Friday, July 28, 2006

A Sitcom made sense and my wonderful hubby!

My dad gave us an antenna for our TV. I hooked it up and I get WB really fuzzy. One day, while breast feeding, I flipped it on and watched an episode of "Yes, Dear." I'm not a sitcom fan at all, especially since most portray the wife as really contentious and the husband as a doofus and the children are really poorly behaved and run the family. But, I watched this episode and it was actually a good one:

The wife is concerned that her marriage is getting boring because all they seem to talk about is their son, Sammy. The husband doesn't really see this as a problem, but it bothers the wife so much, she tries a variety of games to induce non-family-topic conversations. It doesn't work, so she asks her husband to take a wine course at the local college with her. He agrees and it seems to boost their conversations.

However, the reading is rather demanding and the wife can't find the time to read the text book because she's too busy taking care of Sammy. Test time comes, and the wife is caught cheating. She's embarrassed and leaves the room. Her husband follows and asks what was going on. She confessed she didn't have time to do the reading because she was busy with Sammy. She explained that she set aside Thursday to read, but Sammy learned a new word, "zebra" and said it over and over again, so she took him to the zoo to show him the zebra. The husband thought this was so great and told his wife that THIS is what they need to be talking about. THIS is what's important in their lives, their family and son, Sammy.

The other day, my son spent all evening crying and screaming. He had 4 vaccinations (yes, I've heard all the arguments on whether or not we should vaccinate our children, so please refrain from repeating them to me) so he was a bit upset. I was getting frustrated with his crying and hubby noticed. He gave me a big hug and rubbed my back and told me that he knew I was doing my best, but baby just needed to cry.

I've got $105.26 saved up for a new fridge!


BarbaraLee said...

I agree with you about how they potray husbands & wifes in sitcoms. Yeh they can be funny but I loved watching the show from the Waltons to Leave it to Beaver.

K said...

Hi there - I was just wondering what you mean by "arguements about vaccination"
Do some people think it's a BAD thing to do? I thought it was a good protective measure for babies...
I'm just curious why it would be considered a bad thing