Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Catching Up and My To-Do

Sunday, our neighbor asked if we wanted to go swimming. It was so hot, we couldn't refuse. My dilemma was there was no way I was wearing my old swimsuit! It's a modest swimsuit, but my figure has changed since having a baby. So, instead, I wore a pair of sports shorts, a sportsbra and a t-shirt. You know, it's so much better going swimming when you're covered up! No worries about the figure, any missed shaving, or getting sunburned!

My son had a great time bobbing around with mommy in the pool!

I cleaned out my fridge yesterday and I realized how much food goes to waste. I wonder how I can reduce food waste. I already write out menus for the week, but I always make a little extra because it's hard to judge how hungry hubby's going to be when he comes home from work. When my brother lived with us, I rarely had leftovers, and when I did, he gobbled them up the next day! It was great! Any suggestions?

I think I'm going to write my own recipe book to sell....possibly as an e-book. I'm thinking of calling it: "The Way to a Man's Heart" because they're all my recipes taste tested by the men in my life (hubby, brothers, father, father-in-law). But I'm wondering if people might consider that title derrogatory. What's your opinion?

My Mother told me that my Grandmother used to and probably still does clean the bathroom every day! I'm beginning to think I'll have to do something similar. Right now, I deep clean once a week and quick clean once a week. It's not enough. Hubby and I have long hair and hubby works a messy job. We also have a dog. That bathroom needs cleaning more often....at least the floor needs washing more often.

I'm glad we live in a cottage and not in that single wide trailer any more. That trailer was an easy bake oven in the summer time! This cottage stays much cooler! Thank you, Jesus for our cottage!

Back to school is a great time to organize, especially paperwork and recipes! Binders, folders, caddies, etc can really get that clutter organized! And they're on sale to!

All right. Here's a play by play on yesterday:

5:30 am woke up
Made hubby's lunch
fixed bed
fed fish
fed and changed baby
bathed baby
read bible
wrote in diary
put mail out
cleaned fridge
put out garbage
one load laundry
cleaned out medicine drawer in bathroom
moved sewing to basement
fed pond fish
read bible
hung laundry

9:00 am I had a snack
Cut recipes from magazine
cleaned bathroom
fed and changed baby
played with baby
did life insurance paperwork
froze peas from the garden

11:00 am had lunch
organized clipped recipes
took a nap
fed and changed baby
got mail
tidied house
parents came to visit
sewed pj pants for a friend's daughter
fed and changed baby
made icebox pie
wiped down counter tops
put baby down for a nap in cradle
cooling shower
did my hair, make-up and changed for the evening
brought in and put away laundry
chose recipes for recipe book
fed and changed baby
read Bible
got hubby's shower and clothes read
went to inlaws house for dinner
fed and changed baby
put baby to bed
fed fish

9:45 pm asleep

Today's To-Do list:

Check weight loss
e-mail friends about weekend
update blog
Grocery shop
Sewing....baby clothes, finish pj pants, 18th century caraco jacket

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