Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Organized so far

The Master Bedroom closet is now organized. I bought shelving and hubby installed it. It's such a tiny closet that only hubby uses it, and with the shelving, we have space for all his clothing! No more hanging piles of t-shirts on the floor. No more overnight bag filled with socks and underwear. We have a tidy, organized closet!

Today, I organized the laundry area in the basement. Originally, it was an obstacle course over dirty laundry and boxes of fabric. There was no path to the machines! The dryer was piled high with fabric that often swallowed up the dryer sheet box. On the floor were scatterings of detergent bottles (one of them was empty). I do have a hamper, but there were piles of clothes all over the floor, somewhat separated into lights, darks, and whites.

Now, there is not only a path to the machines, but a wide open floor space in front of them! The machines were cleaned off, the empty bottle recycled, the fabric folded and put away and the laundry picked up and either washed or put in the hamper. On the dryer, I placed an old towel on top to keep the surface from getting damaged. On the towel, I lined up the detergent bottles in a neat row and the dryer sheet box. In front of the bottles rests my laundry basket. The hamper is to the side of the washer.

Ideally, I would love to have one of those 3-basket hampers so I can more easily separate the laundry and keep it off the floor. In fact, I'd prefer a 4-basket hamper because I have whites, lights, darks, and hubby's work clothes that I wash separately.

Also, to help maintain my washing machine and keep it from stinking, I do whites last. This way, I add bleach to the wash cycle and use hot water. This not only cleans and disinfects the clothing, but the machine as well. When I'm done, I leave the lid open, so the machine can air-dry.

I suppose I should do dishes now. :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Getting Organized

I have started a new goal! Get organized by Christmas. Almost every day, I have one special chore I must do that'll help me get more organized. Yesterday, my chore was to go through my cedar chest of vintage and antique clothing. I did and layed them out nicely, and found a pair of shoes and a dress to give away, along with a man's hat.

Today, I plan on reorganizing our recycling and garbage system.

Organization is not only good for keeping the house tidy, but it helps all who live in it know what's expected and what to do. When a house is unorganized, no one knows where things need to go, or where they need to go isn't organized enough to allow them to go there. Here are some examples:

Annie is upset that once again her husband left his laundry in a heap on the bedroom floor. She finally blows her top and yells at him to do away with his dirty laundry. He yells back at her that he would but he never knows what to do with it. One day the hamper is in the bedroom. Another day, it's in the hall. Another day, it's been dragged into the kitchen. Then it's in the bathroom. Or it's full to overflowing in the laundry room. Or, the one time he DID put his laundry in the hamper, she had a fit because it was full of clean clothes! Simple organization will help them both know where the dirty laundry goes. A little incentive and discipline can help keep it that way.

Samantha calls out to her children to put their shoes away. The shoes go in the hall closet. That's the way she planned it from the start. So her, children pick up their shoes and toss them on top of the coats that are on the floor of the closet because the closet is packed full of old outgrown coats and whatever Samantha threw in there to keep out of sight. The shoes roll out and the door won't close. The next day, as the children get ready for school, one can't find his other shoe, and the other is crying because there's a mud stain on her new coat.

So, I intend to be better organized.


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Good News, a Clean House, sewing projects

The Good News is that my dear pen-pal friend had a baby girl on Oct. 7th! Madeline Elizabeth is the baby's sweet name! Miracles never cease! Both mother and baby are well.

My house is clean! Not fully tidy, but clean! My mother came over again to give me a hand. I was also able to clean out the bedroom and start preparing the room for baby furniture. This afternoon, after a short rest that I need, I want to tackle the pile of mail and paperwork. This evening, I promised hubby I'd work on his caftan.

As for my sewing projects, the living room, porch and bedroom all need new curtains. I haven't decided what to use for the LR and porch, but the bedroom, I'm thinking dark blue velvet drapes with gold tie-backs and tassles. I'm also going to be making my father a Santa suit. He really wants one for Christmas and it brightened his day when I told him I'd make him one.

Do you have any sewing projects?

Monday, October 10, 2005


If there's one thing I've learned so far with pregnancy, it's that I'm always altering. My body, mind, clothes, diet, choices, priorities and schedule are all being altered. I've been lamenting the neglect of the upkeep of our little cottage much due to the exhaustion I've been experiencing. Therefore, I've decided that I need to daily judge how best to schedule my time. If I'm having a good, wakeful morning, I need to get as many chores done in the morning and leave internet until the evening. If the evening sees me bright and chipper, internet will have to wait until a time I need to sit and relax. Movies are a no-no except when I'm exhausted, but need to put off going to sleep.

With these and several other guidelines, let's hope that Taigh Beag can be a tidier, sweeter, more relazing atmosphere for all.


FAQ about l'il ol' me

1. How did you come by your nickname, "Ladyscott?"
"Lady" is to remind me to be a lady, and "Scott" is my clan name.
2. Are you a Christian?
Yes, I am a born again Christian. I attend an Assembly of God Church, however, I don't agree with all AG beliefs (ex. I don't believe women should be senior pastors.)
3. Are you "dresses only?"
No. I don't necessarily believe in dresses only, but I do believe in femininity and that a woman should look like a woman. I do enjoy and PREFER wearing dresses, but have been known to wear pants occassionally.
4. Do you believe in long, uncut hair?
This goes along with a woman should look like a woman. While I don't pinpoint my belief on "long hair only," I believe a woman should have longer, feminine hair. My hair is just past my waist and gets cut twice a year. Anything longer tends to give me headaches and become a tangled mess.....sloppy is NOT feminine. And frankly, ladies, those short, choppy "owl" hair-cuts aren't feminine either.
5. But, doesn't your husband have long hair?
Yes, he does. AND he has earrings. Two in each ear to be exact. But no one can doubt his masculinity! He's strong, rugged, a very much a Command Man. His long hair is well kept and masculine (like Braveheart, or Daniel Day-Lewis in "Last of the Mohicans.") His earrings are a cultural thing.
6. What's your favorite color and flower?
Pink, but hubby has forbidden me to decorate any room with pink. I stick to clothing in that color. Pink is SO feminine! I love roses, but really my heart belongs to the violet family. Wood violets, african violets, pansies, johnny jump-ups....I adore them!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Autumn has arrived...let's have some soup

With rain, wind and chilly temperatures, autumn has finally arrived. Thankfully, the Lord has provided us with this cozy little cottage. I also felt a wave of peace today as I thought about paying the first heating bill. I'm sure we can afford it. God ALWAYS provides!

Hubby wanted soup tonight, so I made a homemade chicken soup with dumplings. I'm a fluffy dumpling maniac! Perhaps I'll post the recipe in my Cottage Kitchen blog. But not tonight. I'm exhausted.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Waaahhhh....I wanna come home!!!!

Ok, I've had my fun. I want to quit my job and return home!!

Call it pregnancy hormones. Call it nesting. Call it overwork and exhaustion. Call it what you want. I YEARN to be home. Today was my first REAL day off in over a week and I realized just how MUCH I miss this little cottage. I MISS taking my time and cooking a REAL meal. I miss baking dessert. I miss carefully planning a grocery list. I miss regularly cleaning my house.

All these FLEW out the window when I took this job. At first, I kept up pretty well, but of course being pregnant can slow a lady down. Now, work has just CONSUMED me to the point where EVERYTHING is suffering. I haven't touched sewing in 3 months. My house is a smelly mess. I'm struggling with keeping up in my faith (I've often skipped church, been too tired to read the Bible and even too tired to really pray). Even my relationship with my husband is waning. I'm too tired.

It's easy to blame it on my pregnancy, but is it really just that? Isn't it my pregnancy COMBINED with work?

I have NO idea how working women do it. Well, I know this much. They may be able to do it, but I sure can't! Forget it! I'm ready to come home and do what I'm SUPPOSED to be doing!

Ladies have told me that I'll feel better and have more energy in my second trimester. That may be true, but I'd rather spend that energy at home than at work.

I've even found myself fantasizing of something happening to me that my doctor would order me home!

Of couse, I can't quit now. It's the busy season in a costume shop this time of year. But I think perhaps before the holidays I'll quit....with reasonable notice, that is.

That'll give me plenty of time to start up that at-home mending business I'm eager to have. Plus, I need time to plan for the baby and for the sewing class I'm offering to homeschooled young ladies this summer!

God always opens a door.


Thursday, October 06, 2005

I'm a Spiritual Beauty

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content. Introverted and quiet you know
everything about yourself. You never speak
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What type of beauty do you possess? (20 questions + 7 results + pretty pics)
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It's also annoying ads in the comments section! Please ignore any existing ones, and please forgive the word verification that I've added when you post a comment. It is a necessary annoyance to keep the even more annoying spammers at bay.


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Please Remind Me....

That pizza and nachoes eaten quickly during pregnancy is NOT a good idea. Blah.....

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A day in the life of ladyscott

Candy at encouraged her readers to post pictures of a typical day in their lives. I'm on a borrowed computer without digital camera, so I'm just going to write about day in my life.

First of all, I'm pregnant and that can make for some very atypical days. So I'll try to get it as average as possible.

I start my day at 5:30 am. I make hubby's coffee and lunch for work. Then I wake him up and take his spot in bed. When he's ready to leave, I say a prayer over him and watch him drive off.

I take a shower, and then hit the sack again (when I wasn't pregnant, I'd eat breakfast and start chores).

I wake up again and have breakfast and do a few chores before getting ready for work.

I leave for work at 9:30 am and return around quarter to 3pm. At this time I typically hop online, do a few more chores, relax and then start dinner. Dinner's a little after 5 and then I spend the evening relaxing some more. If I feel ok, I do a few more chores. I try to get some Bible reading in during the evening and say my day's prayer before I go to sleep. I go to bed between 8 and 9pm.

I'm so eager to give a better report when I'm feeling better and HOME all the time.