Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Getting Organized

I have started a new goal! Get organized by Christmas. Almost every day, I have one special chore I must do that'll help me get more organized. Yesterday, my chore was to go through my cedar chest of vintage and antique clothing. I did and layed them out nicely, and found a pair of shoes and a dress to give away, along with a man's hat.

Today, I plan on reorganizing our recycling and garbage system.

Organization is not only good for keeping the house tidy, but it helps all who live in it know what's expected and what to do. When a house is unorganized, no one knows where things need to go, or where they need to go isn't organized enough to allow them to go there. Here are some examples:

Annie is upset that once again her husband left his laundry in a heap on the bedroom floor. She finally blows her top and yells at him to do away with his dirty laundry. He yells back at her that he would but he never knows what to do with it. One day the hamper is in the bedroom. Another day, it's in the hall. Another day, it's been dragged into the kitchen. Then it's in the bathroom. Or it's full to overflowing in the laundry room. Or, the one time he DID put his laundry in the hamper, she had a fit because it was full of clean clothes! Simple organization will help them both know where the dirty laundry goes. A little incentive and discipline can help keep it that way.

Samantha calls out to her children to put their shoes away. The shoes go in the hall closet. That's the way she planned it from the start. So her, children pick up their shoes and toss them on top of the coats that are on the floor of the closet because the closet is packed full of old outgrown coats and whatever Samantha threw in there to keep out of sight. The shoes roll out and the door won't close. The next day, as the children get ready for school, one can't find his other shoe, and the other is crying because there's a mud stain on her new coat.

So, I intend to be better organized.


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