Friday, October 07, 2005

Waaahhhh....I wanna come home!!!!

Ok, I've had my fun. I want to quit my job and return home!!

Call it pregnancy hormones. Call it nesting. Call it overwork and exhaustion. Call it what you want. I YEARN to be home. Today was my first REAL day off in over a week and I realized just how MUCH I miss this little cottage. I MISS taking my time and cooking a REAL meal. I miss baking dessert. I miss carefully planning a grocery list. I miss regularly cleaning my house.

All these FLEW out the window when I took this job. At first, I kept up pretty well, but of course being pregnant can slow a lady down. Now, work has just CONSUMED me to the point where EVERYTHING is suffering. I haven't touched sewing in 3 months. My house is a smelly mess. I'm struggling with keeping up in my faith (I've often skipped church, been too tired to read the Bible and even too tired to really pray). Even my relationship with my husband is waning. I'm too tired.

It's easy to blame it on my pregnancy, but is it really just that? Isn't it my pregnancy COMBINED with work?

I have NO idea how working women do it. Well, I know this much. They may be able to do it, but I sure can't! Forget it! I'm ready to come home and do what I'm SUPPOSED to be doing!

Ladies have told me that I'll feel better and have more energy in my second trimester. That may be true, but I'd rather spend that energy at home than at work.

I've even found myself fantasizing of something happening to me that my doctor would order me home!

Of couse, I can't quit now. It's the busy season in a costume shop this time of year. But I think perhaps before the holidays I'll quit....with reasonable notice, that is.

That'll give me plenty of time to start up that at-home mending business I'm eager to have. Plus, I need time to plan for the baby and for the sewing class I'm offering to homeschooled young ladies this summer!

God always opens a door.


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Anonymous said...

Praying that you'll be able to come home soon. :-)