Thursday, October 13, 2005

Good News, a Clean House, sewing projects

The Good News is that my dear pen-pal friend had a baby girl on Oct. 7th! Madeline Elizabeth is the baby's sweet name! Miracles never cease! Both mother and baby are well.

My house is clean! Not fully tidy, but clean! My mother came over again to give me a hand. I was also able to clean out the bedroom and start preparing the room for baby furniture. This afternoon, after a short rest that I need, I want to tackle the pile of mail and paperwork. This evening, I promised hubby I'd work on his caftan.

As for my sewing projects, the living room, porch and bedroom all need new curtains. I haven't decided what to use for the LR and porch, but the bedroom, I'm thinking dark blue velvet drapes with gold tie-backs and tassles. I'm also going to be making my father a Santa suit. He really wants one for Christmas and it brightened his day when I told him I'd make him one.

Do you have any sewing projects?

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