Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Organized so far

The Master Bedroom closet is now organized. I bought shelving and hubby installed it. It's such a tiny closet that only hubby uses it, and with the shelving, we have space for all his clothing! No more hanging piles of t-shirts on the floor. No more overnight bag filled with socks and underwear. We have a tidy, organized closet!

Today, I organized the laundry area in the basement. Originally, it was an obstacle course over dirty laundry and boxes of fabric. There was no path to the machines! The dryer was piled high with fabric that often swallowed up the dryer sheet box. On the floor were scatterings of detergent bottles (one of them was empty). I do have a hamper, but there were piles of clothes all over the floor, somewhat separated into lights, darks, and whites.

Now, there is not only a path to the machines, but a wide open floor space in front of them! The machines were cleaned off, the empty bottle recycled, the fabric folded and put away and the laundry picked up and either washed or put in the hamper. On the dryer, I placed an old towel on top to keep the surface from getting damaged. On the towel, I lined up the detergent bottles in a neat row and the dryer sheet box. In front of the bottles rests my laundry basket. The hamper is to the side of the washer.

Ideally, I would love to have one of those 3-basket hampers so I can more easily separate the laundry and keep it off the floor. In fact, I'd prefer a 4-basket hamper because I have whites, lights, darks, and hubby's work clothes that I wash separately.

Also, to help maintain my washing machine and keep it from stinking, I do whites last. This way, I add bleach to the wash cycle and use hot water. This not only cleans and disinfects the clothing, but the machine as well. When I'm done, I leave the lid open, so the machine can air-dry.

I suppose I should do dishes now. :)

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update update update! i miss your regular posts!