Thursday, October 18, 2012

Her Own Little Corner

She likes to be alone sometimes.  She likes to go into her own little world and play quietly without distraction.  She likes little dens and nooks, corners and crevices; just a little place to make her own.  Unfortunately, in our little cottage such a place is hard to find.  With only two bedrooms, she has to share with 3 brothers!  Her area of the playroom gets overrun with toy tools, trains, farm toys and brothers.  I had to shoo brothers away just so she could swing peacefully in my laundry area!

I am hoping as I clean, purge and reorganize the rest of the basement that I will be able to carve out a little place just for her.  I have so many ideas from the practically free to elaborately pricey.  Someday, I pray she will be able to have her own room.  She's going to need one soon, that's for sure!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

All Moms Need a Break Sometimes

This picture made me feel better.  Moms the entire world over need breaks sometimes.  We give so much and often so little is put back into us.

I've come to realize that I am the kind of person who truly does need more down time than others.  I am not the kind of woman who can cheerfully give give give give and give some more, falling into bed exhausted and content.  I'm an introvert and I'm easily over stimulated and I'm still recovering from having my 4th baby, 7th pregnancy in 7 years.  My hormones are still trying to shuffle themselves back into proper order.  Add to that the outside stimuli and circumstances I cannot control and "mommy needs some time to herself" comes more quickly than it used to.

I felt badly about this.  How was I able to do so much and be so cheerful before?  My house stayed clean.  I kept up the yard and garden.  I could experiment in the kitchen.  Little things didn't drive me bonkers.  I could find the time to go for walks.  I always managed to shower and do my hair and make-up.  Now, I feel like the days just fly by in one big blur of insanity.  Chores are rarely completed - often half-completed.  I had to sleep on the couch last night because the bed was piled in laundry I didn't find time to get folded yesterday.  It seems the more I need to get something taken care of, the more suddenly falls into my lap!

When I seek counsel or assistance, I get met with knowing smiles and, "welcome to motherhood" from well-meaning women.  If this is true that I'm in a season of "hang on, it's going to be a bumpy ride," then I've decided to stop apologizing to myself and buying into the lie that I'm not good enough and I'm going to take those breaks.  I may need more breaks than other women, and for that I won't apologize.

Today, I'm claiming a prize I won at a local salon!  Tomorrow, chiropractor.  And I am honestly considering a hotel stay in the near future, even if it is just me and the baby!  It's probably cheaper than therapy!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Frost on the Pumpkin and Short Sleeves

Photo from HERE.

Two days ago the frost was on the pumpkins.  Today, we can wear t-shirts.  It is quite common this time of year to turn the furnace on in the morning and throw open the windows in the afternoon.  The house could use some airing out, so I shall take advantage of this Indian Summer day and do just that.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Fireplace

Ah, my cozy fireplace!
I love it so much I've been sleeping on the sofa in the wee hours of the morning after baby's early morning feeding.

It does a good job of keeping our house warm during these cool Autumn days.  I'm so glad the furnace isn't kicking on and burning oil!

And before anyone gets concerned, the unit stays cool to the touch, so the baby gym close by isn't a concern.  Plus, that is just where it lives.  When baby plays and gets  more mobile, I will of course move it away from the heater even though the heater is kid-touch-safe.

Now, that I've achieved the impossible dreams of a piano for the cottage and a fireplace, I'm looking into a dishwasher!  Thanks to the Tiny House Movement, small dishwashers are easily available and seem to have better reviews.

Monday, October 08, 2012

It Arrives Tomorrow!

Lifesmart 1000

Two things I wanted for my cottage, but never thought I'd be able to get were a piano and a fireplace.  Last year, I got the piano - an old, beater of a spinet I bought on craigslist for $50.  This year, I am getting my fireplace!  I just had to wait for technology.

I've had my eye on electric fireplaces for a few years now, but I couldn't justify the non-necessity and expense of them.  This year, though, we had a need for a heater for the school room.  I heard nothing but good about infrared heat.  Lo and behold, I see that they make infrared fireplaces that heat just as well as the less asthetic boxed heaters and cost around the same.  I found the Lifesmart on, and read the reviews...good reviews.  Even better, I found the same unit on for cheaper than Walmart and free shipping to my house!!

It comes with casters so I can move it about the house where needed.  It heats up to 1000 square feet, which is perfect for my little cottage.  And tomorrow it arrives!  Pics to come soon!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Character Study: Compassion

Today's Character Study:  COMPASSION

Definition: Feelings of sorrow and sympathy for someone who is hurting, and wanting to help them.

Bible Verse:  But a certain Samaritan, who was on a journey, came upon him; and when he saw him, he felt compassion, Luke 10:33

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Confidence and Opinions

I am not usually a confident and openly opinionated woman, but once in a while I have a day when I feel very self confident and strong enough to voice an opinion.  Of course, I try to be respectful and not too open.  But there's something I've noticed:

People who are normally or naturally confident and opinionated get a free pass.  People expect it of them and don't usually question or challenge their confidence or opinions.  However, when I express confidence or opinions, I feel as if people want to silence me....put me back in the place they are used to me being in.

Then again, maybe normally confident and opinionated people do get questioned or challenged, but can handle that.  Maybe because I'm not normally confident and vocally opinionated, I have a hard time handling the challenge.

I'm naturally quite introverted.  I'm also the typical middle child diplomat and peace-maker.  I hate challenge and confrontation, but I also hate being or feeling silenced, ignored.  And it is hard because even though I'm introverted, my mind is in constant motion, filled with multiple thoughts at once, thoughts I'd like to express!

When a situation arises, I often have to talk it out, talk it through in order to process it, but again I am silenced....sometimes by my own lack of confidence, sometimes because people are used to me being the quiet diplomat and never making waves.  It is uncomfortable to suddenly have to deal intimately with me as I hash through something.

Thankfully, I have a friend/mentor I can go to.  She is very good at listening, responding only when needed, and ministering to me.  She always directs me to Christ.  I can be very open and honest with her.  There's really very little that crosses her TMI threshold.  Plus, she is fully confidential.  I know everything I say to her is secure.  On top of that, hubby is comfortable with her being  my go-to woman and encourages me to talk with her.

Yeah, this blog post really doesn't have a point and doesn't really go anywhere except to get this off my chest.  Perhaps you, dear reader, feel the same way?  How do you deal with it?

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Character Study: Cautiousness

Today's Character Study:  CAUTIOUSNESS

Definition: Being Careful

Bible Verse:  After these things Jesus walked in Galilee:  for he would not walk in Jewry, because the Jews sought to kill him.  John 7:1

Monday, October 01, 2012

Cloth Diapering Mamas ~ Check it out!!

If you are a cloth diapering mama, then please head on over to Lamb Babies and check out this Christian, Stay-at-home mama's shop.  (And for full disclosure, she is my awesome sister!)  And here's her etsy shop.

Your Insecurities Can Hurt Your Marriage, BUT....

You insecurities can hurt your marriage, but God can heal you of them!

We women live in such a hard world for us.  Our men are visually-driven, as God made them, and we know does every other woman in the world and the entertainment industry.  So, to draw their attention and make LOTS of money, women are exploited either forcefully, or willingly to show the world the world what they've got.

And here the wives of the world are....called by God to be modest, often giving birth which alters our bodies from the world-accepted "barely legal" look to a more womanly form, and wondering if we haven't "got it" good enough for our husbands anymore.  Thankfully, my husband is not a porn addict, nor do his eyes wander.  But even so, I've always been plagued by insecurities about my appearance.  I am by no means the world's idea of "gorgeous" and have been told a few times that I'm ugly.  Top it off with the constant assault of beautiful, nude or semi-nude women all over the place and a wife can find herself questioning her appearance, sexuality and worth.  Or maybe it is fears about the future, money, communication, children...whatever!

And it can hurt your marriage.  Your insecurities can hold you back from your husband, from your marriage.  They can hold you back from God which also hurts your marriage.

But, you can be healed.

Go to God with your insecurities.  Rest at His feet and let Him remind you who you are to Him!  It needs to be pounded into our heads, ladies, that our value, worth and beauty are in HIM....not the world, not our HIM!

I am beautiful!  No, I'm not "gorgeous" and most often am described as "cute" and occasionally "pretty," but I am beautiful.  So are you.  And I really don't think it is fair to say there are more beautiful women than you out there because that's like comparing Freddie Mercury's voice to Pavarotti's.  You may prefer one over the other, but they both are exceptional singers in their own right!  So you, lady, are an exceptional beauty in your own right!

I have worth and value!  Even if your husband is selfish enough to put his own desires over your own and you don't feel valued by him at all, GOD values you.  You have worth in HIM because HE died for you.  He created you, chose you, died for you.  As hard as a crappy marriage or crappy time in a marriage is, please don't let the enemy make you doubt your worth.  Even if your husband makes you feel like you have no worth by his words, actions or inactions, you have worth.  Hold your head up high, walk in the Light of the Lord and KNOW...I mean really, intimately KNOW that you have worth and value in the Lord Jesus Christ!

You are loved.  Beloved.  You are the bride of Christ and He loves you more than your husband ever could!

God is in control and He will take the reigns when we give them to Him.

So, get lost in His love for you, especially in those times of insecurities and hurt.  Know that you have a purpose and reason in the Lord for why you are here.  Know that He loves you and wants to heal you and your marriage.  Know that you can trust Him with your marriage!  Give it all to Him and He will raise you up.

Be confident in Him that He can restore your marriage in so many ways, broken by your insecurities whether caused by your own imagination, the world's lies, or your husband's indiscretions.  Christ Jesus is greater than all of these.