Monday, October 01, 2012

Your Insecurities Can Hurt Your Marriage, BUT....

You insecurities can hurt your marriage, but God can heal you of them!

We women live in such a hard world for us.  Our men are visually-driven, as God made them, and we know does every other woman in the world and the entertainment industry.  So, to draw their attention and make LOTS of money, women are exploited either forcefully, or willingly to show the world the world what they've got.

And here the wives of the world are....called by God to be modest, often giving birth which alters our bodies from the world-accepted "barely legal" look to a more womanly form, and wondering if we haven't "got it" good enough for our husbands anymore.  Thankfully, my husband is not a porn addict, nor do his eyes wander.  But even so, I've always been plagued by insecurities about my appearance.  I am by no means the world's idea of "gorgeous" and have been told a few times that I'm ugly.  Top it off with the constant assault of beautiful, nude or semi-nude women all over the place and a wife can find herself questioning her appearance, sexuality and worth.  Or maybe it is fears about the future, money, communication, children...whatever!

And it can hurt your marriage.  Your insecurities can hold you back from your husband, from your marriage.  They can hold you back from God which also hurts your marriage.

But, you can be healed.

Go to God with your insecurities.  Rest at His feet and let Him remind you who you are to Him!  It needs to be pounded into our heads, ladies, that our value, worth and beauty are in HIM....not the world, not our HIM!

I am beautiful!  No, I'm not "gorgeous" and most often am described as "cute" and occasionally "pretty," but I am beautiful.  So are you.  And I really don't think it is fair to say there are more beautiful women than you out there because that's like comparing Freddie Mercury's voice to Pavarotti's.  You may prefer one over the other, but they both are exceptional singers in their own right!  So you, lady, are an exceptional beauty in your own right!

I have worth and value!  Even if your husband is selfish enough to put his own desires over your own and you don't feel valued by him at all, GOD values you.  You have worth in HIM because HE died for you.  He created you, chose you, died for you.  As hard as a crappy marriage or crappy time in a marriage is, please don't let the enemy make you doubt your worth.  Even if your husband makes you feel like you have no worth by his words, actions or inactions, you have worth.  Hold your head up high, walk in the Light of the Lord and KNOW...I mean really, intimately KNOW that you have worth and value in the Lord Jesus Christ!

You are loved.  Beloved.  You are the bride of Christ and He loves you more than your husband ever could!

God is in control and He will take the reigns when we give them to Him.

So, get lost in His love for you, especially in those times of insecurities and hurt.  Know that you have a purpose and reason in the Lord for why you are here.  Know that He loves you and wants to heal you and your marriage.  Know that you can trust Him with your marriage!  Give it all to Him and He will raise you up.

Be confident in Him that He can restore your marriage in so many ways, broken by your insecurities whether caused by your own imagination, the world's lies, or your husband's indiscretions.  Christ Jesus is greater than all of these.


Kristy Quinn said...

That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing <3 I was raised to believe ones beauty was what was on the outside. My family still thinks this way. I was a singer out in public and I fought to be beautiful. 3 hrs of exercise a day was what I did to get and maintain a beautiful body. When I began reading the Bible I started to see my life through God's eyes & everything changed. Then I was a mom to 2 children. Now I am a mom to 5, expecting #6. My body isn't beautiful and my face is way chubbier than I would like, but my husband still looks at me longingly with much affection. For this I am thankful, but for my past I am scarred and turn to God daily. <3

Kate said...

Thank you for sharing! Congratulations on your growing family and current pregnancy! And I visited your blogs and your face isn't chubby at all. You are exceptionally beautiful, but most of all I see your beauty in your family and the love you have for them. :)