Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Fireplace

Ah, my cozy fireplace!
I love it so much I've been sleeping on the sofa in the wee hours of the morning after baby's early morning feeding.

It does a good job of keeping our house warm during these cool Autumn days.  I'm so glad the furnace isn't kicking on and burning oil!

And before anyone gets concerned, the unit stays cool to the touch, so the baby gym close by isn't a concern.  Plus, that is just where it lives.  When baby plays and gets  more mobile, I will of course move it away from the heater even though the heater is kid-touch-safe.

Now, that I've achieved the impossible dreams of a piano for the cottage and a fireplace, I'm looking into a dishwasher!  Thanks to the Tiny House Movement, small dishwashers are easily available and seem to have better reviews.

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Erika Keller said...

So glad the fireplace is working for you. It looks nice too!