Thursday, October 18, 2012

Her Own Little Corner

She likes to be alone sometimes.  She likes to go into her own little world and play quietly without distraction.  She likes little dens and nooks, corners and crevices; just a little place to make her own.  Unfortunately, in our little cottage such a place is hard to find.  With only two bedrooms, she has to share with 3 brothers!  Her area of the playroom gets overrun with toy tools, trains, farm toys and brothers.  I had to shoo brothers away just so she could swing peacefully in my laundry area!

I am hoping as I clean, purge and reorganize the rest of the basement that I will be able to carve out a little place just for her.  I have so many ideas from the practically free to elaborately pricey.  Someday, I pray she will be able to have her own room.  She's going to need one soon, that's for sure!


Anonymous said...

Isn't it almost cruel to squeeze 4 children into 1 bedroom? Come on. What on Earth is going to happen as they start to grow? Your little girl will need a bedroom (not just nook or crannie) of her own. You have complained about the size of your cottage for years, but continue producing children. Something doesn't make sense here and it isn't fair to the children.

jackie said...

I understand what you mean :) and I also feel that children are a blessing, and no one "needs" their own room to survive. Families lived in one room together for centuries. I'm sure your daughter will appreciate and love her own little space...and I'm sure sharing a room is helping to build character in all of them. Providing a loving, stable, nurturing environment is most important, no matter the size of your home, and I can see you do that!


Kate said...

Don't worry, anonymous. We aren't quiverful. We wanted 4 children, that's what we have now even though they came more quickly than originally planned. And, yes, it is a little frustrating to still be in our little cottage, but life has a way of throwing curve balls. My children are happy, healthy and well loved and cared for and often tell me how much they love our little house.

Anonymous said...

No more cruel than to badger a lovely, God-fearing woman who is trying to carve out the absolute best life for her children as possible.