Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I hate colds

I'm currently on the downward slope of a cold. Being pregnant, I can't take anything for the cold (which doesn't help "cure" the cold anyway and can actually prolong it, in my opinion.) I'm a fighter, though. I get a cold, I fight tooth and nail. Here's what I do:

LOADS of Vitamin C. If you cut me open while I have a cold, I'd bleed orange juice. This time, I've taken it a big easy because I don't want to injest too much Vit. C in case it's bad for baby.

First twinge of a sore throat, I start gargling nearly every hour with either listerine or warm salt water. If it's really bad, then hydrogen peroxide.

At least 2 steamy showers a day.

Steam facials often

When I'm not pregnant, before bed I drink a small shot of Scotch.

LOADS of caffine free teas!

Warm, wet compresses over my sinuses

Blow my nose as often as needed with lotion-rich tissues

Plenty of rest

Sniffing Vicks

Chicken Soup

Although, with this cold, I've decided.....for Christmas, I want a humidifyer!


1 comment:

Julie said...

Ahh thanks for the reminders! We have been down sick for two weeks now! Of course what this means is one-two children are sick and then one or two more and then of course mommy and daddy and then one more child and then we start the cycle all over again..YIPEE! :)
I will definatly beging implementing some natural cold and flu fighters around here again!
Hope you feel better.