Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Strawberries, May and more....

Yesterday, I managed to plant strawberries, rhubarb and morning glories. The strawberries took some time because I had to completely redo the bed...pull away the rocks, turn the soil, remove the grass and weeds...It was worth it, though.

The funny thing is that while I worked, I had Bubby in his Peapod playing. He wanted to get out, so he pushed on the door and ended up treated the Peapod like a hamster ball! Down the hill he crawled inside his Peapod, but only a little. So, I set up a blanket and let him out to enjoy the sunshine and play in the open.

May is my favorite month. Where I live is when most plants bloom and blossom. It's also the season for planting. The weather is mild and tolerable. The sun usually shines. I love May.

With that comes being busy. I'm still going to try to blog nearly every day, but if I disappear for a while, it's because I'm out in my garden. :)

This time of year and at this time in my lift (being pregnant), scheduling is rather difficult. I have to take one day at a time. If I feel good and the day is nice, I need to get outside and work in the gardens. If I have a down day, I need to rest. One thing I learned in my last pregnancy is don't try to fight it when you're not feeling well. Your body is telling you to rest.

Today, I need to finish the laundry and tidying up. The fish tank still needs cleaning. If the sun pops out, I'm going to do a little more garden work. I also need to get ready for tomorrow, which is errands/shopping/visiting day.

So, off I go!

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