Monday, March 10, 2008


My ambitious side wants to plan a big garden. I even began ordering various new plants to put in. Then reality hit. There's no way at 8 months pregnant am I going to be able to do landscaping and hauling involved with putting in new plants. I can plant a small veggie garden, but that's it.

So, I kind of felt down. After all, dirt may not be good for my fingernails, but it's certainly good for my over all well-being. So, I decided that while May will probably be spent resting my preggy mass and preparing for the baby and June will be spent in birthing and recovery, I do have the rest of the summer to (when time allows) putter about the yard and prepare it for next year and plan very carefully where I'd like to put various plants.

I want blueberries, more raspeberries, bush cherries, rugosas, lingonberries, more rhubarb and a better strawberry patch.

Now, I feel better.

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