Sunday, March 23, 2008

Attempting a new routine:

5 am - wake up and see hubby off to work, get dressed and ready for the day, Bible reading, start some chores.
6 or 6:30 am - continue with chores or if I'm extra tired from my pregnancy, go back to bed until Bubby wakes up.
7 am- Bubby usually wakes up, breakfast, get him ready for the day
7:30 am - Bubby helps with morning chores and watches a video while I do chores he can't help with.
Sometime before 11 am - Playroom time for Bubby and I go online
11 am - LUNCH and lunch clean-up.
Between lunch clean-up and nap time - some schooling for Bubby, playtime with Bubby, book or educational video before naptime (depending on how many chores I need to get done as to whether he watches a video or not)
1:30 or 2 pm - nap time and I either nap if I need to or continue with chores or a project.
After nap, but before dinner is a quick snack, learning playtime with Bubby, clean-up, and then he gets a video while I make dinner.
(Yes, I know it seems like he watches a lot of videos, but I know all the studies so spare me the lectures. Most of what he watches is very educational, anyway and have good messages.)
5:30 or 6 pm is dinner and clean-up and Bubby has time with Daddy.
6:45 or 7 pm - Start bedtime routine for Bubby, sometimes includes a bath, then he goes to bed by 7:30 at the latest.
7:30 pm - I have some quiet time first, then finish up some chores or spend time with hubby or online if need be and start my nighttime routine and go to bed.

Monday: Chores day
Tuesday: Project day
Wednesday: Project day
Thursday: Errands day
Friday: Chores day
Saturday: Family day/Chores
Sunday: Rest/Family day


Julie said...

You forgot.. "and Im pregnant and nesting and the videos help with that..."LOL.
I understand. My two year old seems to spend a good part of our chore time watching videos. Once he has done all his chores and helped out with what he can he gets to watch videos.

prayzgod said...

TV is something that is different for each child. Some children seem to have no ill effects, while others have bad effects from any TV.

My three younger children do fine with some TV. Today I let them watch Barney while I worked on my blog.

However, my oldest doesn't do so well with TV, so his TV is seriously limited. When he watches TV, he just goes hyper-crazy, and enters Bad Attitudeville, where he thinks he's entitled to anything he wants. Amazingly, when I limit TV and computer time for him, he does just fine. :-?