Monday, March 03, 2008

Easter Baskets, bookcases, attitude adjustment

Just like with Santa, we're not "talking up" the Easter Bunny. If someone else mentions it to Bubby, then we just smile politely and teach Bubby to be polite back. However, we are doing baskets and an egg hunt for Bubby this year. Here's what the baskets will have:

Hubby: a few of his favorite treats and perhaps a DVD
Me: I'm filling my basket with seed packets!!
Bubby: crafts and stickers and little things from the Dollar Store. His birthday is coming up...he doesn't need more toys and we don't like him to eat candy except on occassion.
Dog: rubber doggy toy set and a treat

I'm going to run to Big Lots today and take a look at their bookcases again. I was there a while ago and saw 24" wide, 6 foot tall bookcases, but they were that cheapy material. But, the bookcases I want in the catalog are just a better version of that cheapy material at a MUCH higher price. So, I'm going to decide between the cheapy Big Lots ones or seeing about having some made.

I don't want to spend a lot of money on the bookcases because that won't be their permanent home. But I still want something that looks nice for the living room.

It's been put in plain English for me this morning that I've been rather....b-word...this pregnancy. I admit it, I have! It surprises me how snippy, sullen, moody, short-tempered and stewing I've been. At lot of it is preggy related: hormones and my clumsiness during pregnancy. (I don't get why pregnant women get more clumsy and drop things or forget things when it's triply hard for us to bend over to pick it up or remember it!) Some of it is laziness augmented by how exhausted I am this pregnancy. A good deal of it is my own lack of self-control. We can have biological reasons for our feelings, but we don't have to act upon them. So, I'm working on an attitude adjustment.


Shan said...

You are such a sweet gal, you make me smile. I so hope that you will find a bookcase that will work in your home. It is nice to have everything nice and neat and all in place.

We did just the same as you, an Easter egg hunt, a basket and that was enough of the Bunny. I always put useful things in the baskets and not alot of sweets.

I hope you have a pleasant day,
Honey Hill Farm

Julie said...

We too decided the Easter Bunny would have no part in our celebration. Usually what I do is pick up Christian books, DVDs and cds and make one big basket for the whole family.

Kate said...

I like the idea of a family basket!