Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wipes, Mother's Milk, Birthday, Easter, Thoughts

Woah, Shan, you gave me some great ideas! To be completely honest, I avoid washable wipes and often grab a disposable diaper rather than a cloth one because my son still has mushy poos that stain rather badly even with immediately clean-up and soaking and washing. Also, if he does poo in a cloth diaper, I use the disposable wipes to scoop out the poo because the poo will not plunk into the toilet. I tried shaking the diaper into the toilet once only to have it finally dislodge and go flying. Although, I could forgo the disposable wipes and use paper towels to scoop out the poo. I wonder if in the long run paper towels are cheaper than disposable wipes?

I read that breast milk can get rid of cradle cap! My son still has a touch of it. It was never bad, so I never bothered with it. So, when my daughter is born and my milk comes in (and if I'm making enough, of course) I'm going to extract my milk and do some treatments on Bubby.

Bubby will be 2 tomorrow!! I can't believe it!

I look forward to Easter and Easter dinner. I love how my church celebrates Christ's ressurection. It's such a joyous occassion for us.

In a couple of the blogs I read, there have been some Christian issues brought up that have led me to be very contemplative. I feel like I need to hole up for a while and study the Word and pray and figure out exactly where I am and where I need to be in my walk with Christ.

I constantly feel like the world is tugging at me. I can even pretend to shake the world off, but then I wonder if I really have, or if I've just accepted it at a smaller level. I feel like I have too much confusion and conflicting ideas going on. I feel like shutting myself up to it all and just listening in silence for God's Truth. What needs to be put down? What needs to be taken up?


prayzgod said...

I don't plunk the poo off of the cloth diaper directly to the toilet, or it plunks, and yucky toilet water splashes up. :-(

I take it out with some toilet paper, and put poo and toilet paper into the toilet, with out the plunk. :-)

I use baby wash clothes and a spray bottle for wipes, and have found that I only need a few of these cloth wipes, as opposed to several disposable ones.

I'd find that the disposable wipes would often smeal the poo over baby's tush, and it's take more wipes to actually wipe it off. The cloth wipes it off right away.

Julie said...

I like the idea of the spray bottle...hmmm.

Happy Birthday, bubby. I can't believe he is already 2! Wow! I remember when you surprised us on the board with his birth announcement. LOL.