Thursday, March 27, 2008

Preggy stuff....

Doc's more cake, ice cream, pies and cookies. I'm gaining weight too fast. I've gained 25 lbs this pregnancy, a good portion of them just recently. But, when my tummy is rumbling and keeping me awake at 3 am, and when a bowl of cereal or two eggs with toast just doesn't fill me up, I have to eat SOMETHING! My SIL thinks I'm just prone to weight gain in the latter part of my pregnancy. Still, it's forced me to take a look at my eating habits and to go cold-turkey on those little preggy splurges. I'd rather prevent extra pounds for the next 11 weeks than have to spend the rest of the year working them off!

My doctor also told me to stop picking up and carrying Bubby. Yeah, that's about as possible as holding my breath for 10 minutes and not passing out. He's still too short to get into his carseat by himself, or manage some stairs, or walk for long periods of time.

I swear my little girl is laying transverse right now. OW!!

Tomorrow, my neice will be born! I can't wait to meet her face to face!

By the way, apparently in the turn of the 20th century, pregnant women couldn't raise their hands above their heads because it could cause the cord to tie into knots.


Courtney said...


While I can't argue exactly against the wisdom of cutting back on certain items-- at any time, not just pregnancy-- I wonder if your SIL is right! I'm pretty sure I'm one of those women who just gain no matter what, especially since I'm quite small when not pregnant. With my first pregnancy, I gained 40 lbs. at the rate of about 1 lb./week no matter what a did. This pregnancy, I'm even more careful about intake (but I don't restrict myself either), exercising more than when I'm not expecting, but yet I'm gaining weight at the same rate. It's really frustrating, but it seems that's the way my body works. I lost it all within six weeks last time, and I expect I will again, but it feels so fruitless to do everything right, yet watch the numbers on the scale rocket upward. Anyway, I just wanted to say I feel what you're going through!

Oh, I've heard the myth about the cord around the neck thing too! What's worse is, some friends have told me they still hear that "advice," especially from the older generation. Scary how some misinformation is never fully corrected!

Mimi said...

I totally agree with Courtney - I think eating well and gaining weight is your job as an expecting mother.