Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Grandma's Chair

My grandmother had a lady's chair in her bedroom. She eventually gave it to my parents who had it in their library room. Somehow, I ended up with it, and gladly so. I'm honored to have my grandmother's chair. However, the chair has seen better days. The upholstery is extremely threadbare and in the arms and seat, worn right through. A good portion of the horsehair filling is pulled out, no thanks to a curious dog.

When we were filling our house with loved ones to celebrate our son's first birthday, I grabbed some fabric I had stashed away and did a quick 1/2 slip cover ~ 1/2 reupholstering job on it. However, the fabric just doesn't go with the rest of the living room and really isn't suitable.

Reupholstering it is out of the question right now. The style of the piece makes it too difficult for me to do it myself and expensive to have it done professionally. Eventually, we will have it reupholstered, but for now, I need a quick and lovely and inexpensive fix.

I found a chenille throw at Walmart for an affordable price, but put it back on the shelf when I found it to be made in China and not really what I wanted. I'm hoping now to find something at an antique shop or thrift store. A store-bought slip cover wouldn't work either because of the unique shape of the chair.

I'm hoping for a nice throw, piano shawl, thin quilt or even a length of material to dress it up in.

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