Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I found space!

Wednesdays are usually home project days. Today's projects were: cleaning out the walk-in closet, cleaning out two cabinets in the kitchen and painting window frames. (This evening, I have to can applesauce.)

The projects went well. The closet is now a tidy, organized space and I was able to get rid of some junk. But the cabinets were a pleasure to re-organize. Both were stuffed full and in danger of avalanches every time the doors were opened. Also, I had things in each cabinet that really didn't make sense. Why keep most of my pots in pans in one cabinet, but some others in the other? The cabinet by the door, I decided would be better used for my least used items and as a sort of dry-cool storage (it butts up against two outter walls). The cabinet on the other end would be for my oft used supplies. For the winter, I plan to put a chair between the cabinet and the door for hubby to use to remove his slushy boots. Therefore, I didn't want to be moving the chair several times a day to get items out.

Overall, the re-organization went very well. I got rid of just a few items, but gained and amazing amount of space. My oft-used cabinet is so tidy and spacious now, I'm just thrilled and don't mind opening the door and putting things away. Plus, it'll be nice to easily pull out my bread machine without having to take apart an entire cabinet just to get to it.

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