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Recommended Utensils, 1884

My mother picked up a 5 volume boxed set of little cookbooks of recipes from Early America through the young Republic and Ante Bellum through Victorian America and the Westward Expansion. In the Victorian cookbook, there's a "Facsimile of a list of minimum utensils recommended for every kitchen of the 1880's. From Miss Parloa's New Cook Book (1884)."

The following is a list of utensils with which a kitchen should be furnished. But the housekeeper will find that there is continually something to be bought. If there be much fancy cooking, there must be an ice cream freezer, jelly and charlotte russe moulds and many little pans and cutters. The right way is, of course, to get the essential articles first, and then, from time to time, to add those used in fancy cooking:
Two cast iron pots, size depending upon range or stove (they come with the stove).
One griddle
One porcelain-lined preserving kettle
One fish kettle
Three porcelain-lined stew-pans, holding from one to six quarts
One No. 4 deep Scotch frying kettle
One waffle iron
Three french polished frying-pans, Nos. 1, 3 and 6
Four stamped tin or granite ware stew-pans, holding from one pint to four quarts
One double boiler, holding three quarts
One Dover egg beater
One common wire beater
One meat rack
One dish pan
Two bread pans, holding six and eight quarts respectively
Two milk pans
Two Russian iron baking pans, two sizes
Four tin shallow baking pans
One smaller dredger for salt
One, still smaller for pepper
One boning knife
One french cook's knife
One butcher's knife
One large fork
Two case knives and forks
Two vegetable knives
Four large mixing spoons
Two table spoons
Six teaspoons
One larding needle
One trussing needle
One set of steel skewers
One wire dish cloth
One whip churn
One biscuit cutter
One hand basin
One jagging iron
Three double broilers one each for toast, fish and meat
One long handled dipper
One large grater
One apple corer
One flour scoop
One sugar scoop
One lemon squeezer
Chopping tray and knife
Small wooden bowl to use in chopping
Four deep pans for loaves
Two quart measures
One deep, round pan of granite ware, with cover for braising
One deep Russian iron french roll pan
Two stamped tin muffin pans
One teapot
One coffee pot
One coffee biggin
One chocolate pot
One colander
One squash strainer
One gravy strainer
One strainer that will fit on to one of the cast iron pots
One frying basket
One melon mould
Two brown bread tins
One round pudding mould
Two vegetable cutters
One tea canister
One coffee canister
One cake box
One spice box
One dredger for flour
One for powdered sugar
Moulding board for good hard wood
Board for cutting bread on
One for cutting cold meats on
Thick board or block one which to break bones, open lobsters, etc
A rolling pin
Wooden buckets for sugar, Graham, Indian and rye meal
Wooden boxes for rice, tapioca, crackers, barley, soda, cream of tartar, etc
Covers for flour barrels
Wire flour sieve - not too large
A pail for cleaning purposes
One vegetable masher
Stone pot for bread, holding ten quarts
One for butter, holding six quarts
One for pork, holding three quarts
One dust pan and brush
One scrubbing brush
One broom
One blacking brush
Four yellow earthen bowls, holding from six quarts down
Four white, smooth-bottomed bowls, holding one quart each
Six cups, holding half a pint each
One bean pot
One earthen pudding dish

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