Saturday, January 13, 2007

Growing up too fast; Thanking who?

You know how you hear people saying how children grow up so fast? They mature so quickly. They handle adult issues so soon. My observation is that they aren't turning into adults sooner....they're growing into KIDULTS. My hope and prayer is that I can preserve my children's childhoods while at the same time teaching them to grow into ADULTS. If the Lord tarry's, they'll have enough kidults to deal with.

While thanking God for something He provided for me, a non-Christian pointed this out to me. "You Christians always thank God but never seem to thank the person God worked through to give you that blessing." So, lets make sure that the next time we get a blessing, we thank God and those God worked through. :)

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babygirl_nz said...

Hi, do you and your husband still do re-enacting? I sure would love to see some photos...