Thursday, January 25, 2007

Saving Stew, Changes

Last week, I thought I'd make one of hubby's favorite dishes on a cold winter evening....beef stew. Unfortunately, I went a little crazy with the pepper and ruined it. It was unpalatable. So, I tried doubling the broth and veggies to water down the pepper. It didn't work. Throwing it away seemed such a waste. Besides, I'm on a strict dinner menu and have run out of grocery money for the month, so I couldn't substitute. I had to make do. Praise God, I found a solution. I dumped the stew into a collander, removing all the broth. I then dumped the bulk into a greased casserole with a can of cream of mushroom soup only 50% dilluted with milk and topped it with a buiscut recipe rolled out like a pie crust. I cut a few slits to let steam escape and baked it until golden brown. Now, it wasn't a culinary masterpiece, but it was good and I didn't waste dinner.

Bubby is going through some changes. He's now 10 months old. Since his 10 month birthday, he's been having afternoon meltdowns. I discovered that he was hungry. I really didn't want to get my son into a habit of snacking, but his lunchtimes moved earlier and dinner moved a touch later. Usually a bottle suffices, but now he wants finger foods. So, he gets an afternoon snack. That worked until he became overtired. Yesterday, he didn't want to take an afternoon nap. Today, he doesn't want to take any naps. He also doesn't want to take a bottle anymore, but hates sippy cups and dumps uncapped cups. What he likes to do is drink from water bottles like mommy and daddy.

All in all, my little man is growing up. Although this is a difficult stage right now, I'm enjoying motherhood and watching his changes. I'm learning to love adjusting to how he changes. Although, last night's lack of sleep has taken it's toll. :)

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