Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Housekeeping Goals and a Personal Observation

I started a list of housekeeping goals/rules to help me keep my little cottage tidy:

1. Nothing sits on top of the microwave
2. Radiators are NOT shelves
3. The desk should remaid tidy and the dropleaf closed when not in use.
4. The dining room table is not a desk or work station
5. Chairs are not catch-alls
6. The vacuum belongs in the porch closet when not in use
7. The mop and broom belong on the basement landing when not in use
8. The porch bench is not a catch-all
9. I must be able to close the grocery bag drawer (sometimes it's so stuffed with grocery bags, I can't close it all the way)
10. The dining room bookcase is not a catch-all
11. My dresser is not a catch-all

Lately, I've been noticing my posture and presense has been horrible. Not only that, but I'm starting to acquire that slapped together look busy moms tend to have. While shopping in Aldi today, I noticed a young lady shopping as well. She wore a simple, long denim dress. It could have been dowdy, but it was clean and neatly pressed. Her hair was a non-descript medium blond, but the braid down to her hips was neat without a hair out of place. Her posture was very upright and she moved gracefully. She didn't shlump when she walked. She didn't bend or reach sloppily. Her countenance was lovely. Her eyes were soft, her chin held high, her lips bore a slight smile. Her brows weren't furrowed, and her mouth wasn't gaping.

I took mental note of myself. My brows were furrowed. I shoved the shopping cart rather than pushed it smoothly. My mouth held a concentrating frown. My shoulders were stooped, my walk was a plod, and my jeans and pilled knit shirt suddenly seemed sloppy.

She was all loveliness. I was not. I did not envy her. Envy is for lazy people who don't get up and get it done. I admired her politely. :) She was an inspiration, and so young! Thank you, God for showing her to me. From now on, I work on being more lovely.


Mrs.B. said...

I really like your obsevation of the girl in made me stop and evaluate myself...I think I'll be making a few changes as well.


Favorite Apron said...

Thank you for pointing this out Kate. : )