Thursday, June 01, 2006

Why I want to homeschool Reason #4

I want to homeschool because the theory of evolution is just that...a THEORY! Schools teach it as fact and refuse to teach "intelligent design."

I have no idea why they teach evolution as fact when Darwin himself at the end of his life didn't believe it.

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Wakim said...

Can you define "theory" as it is used in science? If you can't you shouldn't homeschool your children. In science classrooms only science can be taught, and ID has yet to show itself to be truely scientific because no matter what one finds against ID it can't be disproven because anyone can say "well it was just designed that way." One might say ID can be tested merely by demonstrating that no instances of irreducible complexity can arise in nature spontaneously according to ID's figurehead, Behe, but it fails this test also as a cellular membrane exhibits IC and can form spontaneously in nature. This again goes back to anyone can just say "well it was just designed that way." Evolution IS testable making it a theory and a scientific theory. Evolution, as a process, is also a fact, we know that speciation occurs, and we know that allele frequencies do change in populations from one generation to the next, which is the definition of Biological Evolution. It is also a myth that Darwin didn't accept evolution late in his life, but he did know that his version of evolution probably was incomplete and contained errors. We find later on of course that he wasn't entirely correct, just as we have found that Newton wasn't entirely correct about gravity or physics as a whole. Does that mean Newtonian physics has no place in modern physics? Of course not it is a great jumping off point just as Darwinian Evolution was a great jumping off point for the Theory of Modern Synthesis, which is the currently accepted theory of evolution. We know evolution occured and does occur, and we have a model for how it occured that fits the evidence we currently have and that has passed all tests aplied to it. We know evolution occured because of shared endogenous retroviruses, or ERVs. Many species share ERVs, which are scares in the genome of an organism caused by a retroviral infection and are unique from infection to infection. These scares can then enter the germline and be passed on from a parent organism that was infected to offspring that never had the infection. Since the scares are unique from one infection to another, even if the infection is the same strain of the virus, the only way for two organisms to share ERVs is through common ancestry. Humans, chimps, and bonobos all share ERVs which means they share a common ancestor or common ancestoral population. I suppose schools could do as they do in the UK, just teach ID and creationism as examples of bad science...but then again you probably would like that even less wouldn't you?