Friday, June 02, 2006

Why is it...

Why is it that when I seem like I'm the busiest and face deadlines that my sweet son becomes a screaming, crying, needy, hysterical mess. And then I become frustrated with him because I want him to be calm, but he needs me.

Key words here: I WANT him to be calm, but he NEEDS me. Sometimes, I feel I NEED him to be calm because I'm facing a deadline for getting something made for a customer. (Before I had my son, I had some garments I was sewing for customers, planning on getting them done before he was born, but he arrived early).

Then I have to remember that my son arrived on God's timing. Also, my son is more important than some customer. My business is actually closed, but these are residual orders. I can't wait to be unloaded of them so I can put all my focus on my son without that added stress of needing to sew something for someone by sometime.

Speaking of which, I best be off and getting some sewing done.


prayzgod said...

Do an Emergency Quick Clean on your house, then consider yourself done with cleaning for the day. Then, put in a lot of beans into your crockpost, and keep adding to them and let them keep cooking on low for about 3 or 4 days.

Have the beans from the crock pot with veggies and sour cream, or with some chopped pre-cooked meat for your dinners for the next four days. Then, rinse out your crockpot, and do lentils and split peas for the next 3 days after that.

Eat off of paper plates and use plastic cups and plastic silverware.

This takes care that you don't have any heavy cooking, or dishes.

Next, work on your sewing projects EVERY time your little boy is sleeping. See if you can get it all out of the way in a week, and get it done with.

I know what it's like having backed up work from a closed business. Hubby and I suffered from that for 8 months. :-( (This was when we closed our mechanic's garage. Hubby had so many customers when we closed shop that we had to finish, it was a nightmare. I feel so free now, to be done with all of that. :-)

prayzgod said...

Whoops, I meant to say that after the Emergency Quick Clean, consider yourself done with cleaning for the WEEK. :-?

Kate said...

Hi Candy,

I think I'll take your advice next week. I'll let you know how it goes.