Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Basic Wardrobe 1964

My mother was giving away a bunch of books, and among them I found this book:

Secrets of Loveliness by Kay Thomas (1964)

It is a cute paperback for teenaged girls on how to be lovely both inside and out. In it includes practical tips on what to wear and how to manage your wardrobe. Here is their basic wardrobe checklist:

Coats: 1 heavy winter
1 rain - year round
1 lightweight for spring and fall (optional)

Suits: 1 wool for spring and fall (optional)

Dresses: 3 cotton - year round
1 velveteen for parties
1 silk or nylon for Sundays and dress-up occasions
1 full-skirted silk or chiffon for dances

Separates: 4 cotton skirts - 2 straight or flared in solid colors; 2 full or dirndle style, prints or plain
2 wool, velveteen or corduroy skirts
4 cotton blouses (8 are better)
3 sweaters (including 1 cardigan to throw over party dresses)
2 pairs of shorts or pants

Hats: 1 fall and winter
1 spring and summer

Bags: 1 for every day
1 for dress-up

Gloves: 1 pair warm winter
2 pairs short white cotton
1 pair long white for evening (optional)

Shoes: 2 pairs low-heeled for school
1 pair high-heeled for dress up
1 pair sneakers
1 pair sandals or flats
1 pair overshoes
1 pair winter outdoor boots

Stockings and sockes: 3 pairs nylon stockings
4 pairs short white socks
3 pairs short dark socks
2 pairs knee length socks
2 pairs tights (optional)

Lingerie Check List:

3 bras
4 pairs of panties
2 girdles or garter belts
2 panty girdles (optional)
1 petticoat (optional)
3 full slips
3 half-slips
3 nightgowns or pajamas
1 tailored bathrobe
1 housecoat or negligee (optional)

Makes me want to tackle my wardrobe and narrow it down to essentials! But not today. I have other things to do. :)



prayzgod said...

Wow, Here's my wardrobe:

- about a dozen dressses, with several being maternity dresses

- three night gowns

- a few sweaters

- a dozen panties

- several bras (some nursing bras)

- 1 pair of shoes - black suede zip up boot shoes that I wear for all occassions (can you tell I don't like shoes?)

That's it. :-)

Calla Lilly said...

Wow! We have so much excess these days! How spoiled I am - not to mention our daughter!