Monday, May 09, 2005

Finding a Buyer

It's amazing how the Lord always provides. I often find that His timing is a bit more "last minute" than what I'd prefer, but somehow, it's always perfect! He knows. :) As we creep closer to our closing, we're beginning to get eager for someone to buy our mobile home. Yesterday, a young couple with two children stopped by and I took them on a tour. They loved the mobile home, but it's still up in the air whether or not they're going to buy it. Wednesday, I have another lady stopping by to see the mobile home. Hopefully, one of the two will decided to purchase. It really is a cute mobile home.

This weekend, we had a family yard sale. My husband and I did well and made around $100.00. Now we're having a cheerful debate on what we should use that money for. I originally thought about putting it towards a new bedroom set. Hubby figured we will need a weedwacker. Then, I suggested getting one of those old-fashioned candlestick phones, since we've been wanting one since we saw All Creatures Great and Small.

Today, I am running several errands, packing some more and tidying the mobile home. Hopefully, I can make another delivery of boxes to the new house. I am so anxious to move!


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