Monday, May 23, 2005

The Move

This past weekend was the BIG MOVE. Friday night, hubby and I packed the truck and utility trailer. Saturday morning, I packed the car while hubby headed for our new home. We met there and my brother arrived with his moving van. (Remember, hubby and I moved into my brother's house and my brother moved to another town). We packed the moving van and every vehical we could.

My worst fear came true. I ended up having to drive my husband's pick-up truck with the trailer on the back. Thankfully, it wasn't that bad. What was bad that we hadn't got 5 minutes on our 2 hour trip to my brother's new house and I suddenly had to "go" badly! And I went before I left! It was so bad, after an hour and half of driving, I gave up the convoy and pulled into a gas station. There was NO WAY I was going to make it another half an hour. Thankfully, my brother, who was driving his truck behind me, saw me pull in and was able to lead me back on the right road to his house and we caught up with the rest of the convoy.

My brother's house is gorgeous, but this is a blog about my new house. :)

After unpacking and eating at my brother's house, hubby and I finally left around 5 and went back to our mobile home and packed up the truck and trailer again. This time we took our doggy with us. Then we drove up to our new house and unpacked and had dinner around 9 pm. It was Velveeta shells and cheese. :) Our bed was still in the mobile home, so we slept on the living room floor. Doggy was restless and nervous and kept me up most of the night, so by morning, I was miserable.

Sunday, we finished packing the mobile home, and had a surprise visit from the family who's buying it. It was pleasant. Later, back at the new house, I got the living room furniture set up and I had hubby set up the fridge and the bed. It's starting to look like home.

This morning, I set up the shower curtain and the computer. I NEED to grocery shop and do some more unpacking and plan a dinner for my in-laws who are coming over today. (Hubby and I invited them.)


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