Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Help me pick curtains for my bathroom!

Ok, I need help! I don't know what to do for curtains for my bathroom in my new home. The bathroom already has white tile and a light colored vanity. I'm doing the walls in a french blue and I'm getting a blue toile shower curtain:

However, I haven't an idea yet about what to do for a curtain for the window above the toilet. I don't want more blue, nor another I'm thinking white or slightly off white. Swiss dot? Muslin? A brocade or jacquard?

Since the house is a cottage, I want a cottage look, nothing too elegant. The bathroom is sort of going to be a quasi-french country provincial look.

Any ideas?



Spunky said...

I think yellow works as well. But I'm really no decorator.


PS. I came over from Amy's because of your comment about being lonely without children. I will pray for you that the Lord will grant the desire of your heart.

Emily said...

Hi LadyScott!

I like the swiss dot idea. Have you thought about eyelet? Target has lovely curtains in the "Shabby Chic" section that I think would work extremly well. You might want to check it out:)


P.S. I love this blog!!