Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Different Discrimination!

Ok, I'm a little upset! I am so sick of this sue-happy world we live in and the lows of this society who get rich quick on ridiculous lawsuits (and the judges who rule in their favor!) I'm also sick of media-hype which is just another word for out and out LIES and/or deception!

What is this soapbox rant all about? I am finding it hard to get insurance to have a business in my house because I apparently own a "dangerous breed dog." What a bunch of hooey, especially since I train my dog well, she's a sweetheart of a dog who adores humans and when people come over, she's penned up away from them and I do not allow them to pet her unless I trust them to behave. If they behave, she'll behave. My doggy, an American Staffordshire Terrier, is labeled until "dangerous breed" or "pit bull" even though she has no history of legalities against her for biting. I can't say she's never bitten, because ALL DOGS BITE! She bit me once when I kissed her on the nose while she was having a nightmare, but that was MY stupid mistake. She was acting on fear and instinct.

A friend of mine told me the story of friends of hers who had a sweetheart of a Chow that had puppies. They kept her and the puppies in the garage. A young boy broke into their garage to steal a puppy. The mother, acting on an instinct to protect her young, gave the boy a warning bite (a bite that doesn't break skin). The boy ran home to sue-happy mommy and they sued and the people had to put their beloved dog to sleep. The boy received no punishment for breaking and entering.

Some friends of mine own horses and bring them to re-enactments. People are sternly turned away from even going near the horses. This upsets some people, especially those who want their children to "pet the nice horsey." Horses are large, gentle animals in general, and the ones who re-enact are highly trained and on alert like police dogs or seeing eye dogs. However, they are large, they can get frightened, and accidents can happen. A horse can't always judge where your feet are in comparison to them and all it takes is a step back and've got hoof on your foot. And all it takes is someone getting embarrassed or injured to sue and this gentle, expensive horse who's often like a member of the family is ordered to be put to sleep.

Yes, I know there are times when a dog has gone bad (usually because the owner is already bad) and it attacks. My dog's been attacked twice by other dogs (one of those dogs was a breed that isn't at all listed on the "dangerous breed" list). One dog just nipped and scrapped at her. The dog that's not on the dangerous breed list actually attacked her and bit chunks out of her rear end. So, how can you bunch all these dogs together?

Plus, the people who own the attack dogs are usually the kind of people who don't bother with getting insurance anyway! At least around where I live. I'd much rather have an agent come out and evaluate my property and my dog before just blanketing me with, "sorry we can't help you because your dog is the wrong breed for our insurance."

Hopefully, I'll fnd a company that doesn't discriminate and I can have a business in my home.


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