Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Front Porch thoughts

I have an enclosed front porch. We call them three-season porches up here, even though we only have two seasons in Upstate New York....winter and construction.

This enclosed front porch has tongue and groove pine paneling and many lovely windows to look out of. I have a table that I'm redoing and two antique red windsor chairs. I wants of other furniture, but I know not what just yet, so I leave it alone. What it's desperate for is a new floor covering.

Currently, the porch has an icky old green industrial carpet. It's ancient and filthy. Underneathe is an even worse linoleum. I need a floor covering of sorts. Any ideas? The basic color theme of the porch along with the wood is red and white with some green....cabin-ish colors. Birds and tea. I'm also keeping my magazines out there. It'll be a great place to read them!

Oh....I wish I had a day bed to put out there. That would be even better than the windsor chairs! It would also make for a great summer guest room!


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