Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Here we go....it's the last day of May and still no garden. So, I ran hither and thither trying to find plants. My dad gave me two tomato plants. The local green house was out of many items, but I was able to pick up 3 more tomato plants, lettuce plants, and some flowers. I got pansies but no johnny jump-ups. :( Walmart had a lot of dead or dying plants, but I managed to get a bag of potting soil and 4 sweet pepper plants.

Now, I just need dear husband to till the garden for me. That won't happen until this weekend. Patience, ladyscott. We have a longer growing season down here near the valley.

I'm at an impass right now. You see, we have this slope behind our garage and workshop. It's a steep slope, shaded and the soil is poor from the pine trees that shade it. However, I'd like to grow something there more lovely that the weeds that currently make it an eyesore. I came up short at the stores and green houses. Hmmm.... Perhaps this year I'll just remove the weeds and keep it tidy.

There's a stump just in front of our stone wall out front. The stump is hollow, so I'm going to fill it with good soil and plant some flowers.

I stopped by Home Depot today to pick up a weed whacker, but I couldn't decide which one to get for dear husband. He'd be better off picking out which one he wants. I hope he's free this weekend to pick one up. There's lots of weeds that need whacking!!

I also need to clean up the stone fence. I can't see the road from my driveway because of all the greenery growing in and around it.

Well, gardening won't get done on the computer!


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