Thursday, May 19, 2005

Advert and Garage sales!

Here is a happy housewife right here! Scotchbrite Erase pads/sponges have made cleaning fun for me! I love them! They're a little pricy for the length of time they last, but they pick up grime so easily!! It cuts my cleaning time in half!

We're coming upon the weekend and I was glad to get an early surprise and see there was a large garage sale today! I called up my mom, and we both took off for it. I spent $14.00 and walked out of there with an old, but in great shape heavy-duty hand truck, 2 lawn chairs in GREAT condition, and a Thomas Kincade puzzle for my husband, "Mountain Majesty."

Tomorrow, I'm hitting a few more garage sales, and Saturday is the village-wide garage sale in the town my brother is moving in. Us girls are conspiring to sneak away under the pretense of picking up some pizza and hit a few of the garage sales. ;)


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