Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Kitchen thoughts

Moving on to the next room in question, the kitchen. The kitchen is a galley kitchen with 1950's metal white cabinets, and a teal blue swirly countertop and small floral wallpaper. Hubby wants to spend very little money on the kitchen because we're eventually going to move the kitchen into an addition we plan to build in the future. However, one of the things I learned with our mobile home is to go ahead and spend some money to make a room livable and likable rather than just living in blech.

So, I'm stuck with the metal cabinets, but I decided to turn lemons into lemonade with them! My original thought was to cover them with Victorian style botanical prints, but then I got inspired by some vintage linen kitchen towels I have with red stripes along the boarders. I've wanted a red and white kitchen for some time now, but it has to be just right. So now I'm thinking along the lines of a 1950's country look.

My brother turned the lemonade even sweeter when he showed me that the countertops just lift off and I could easily replace them with a butcher block. We also brain stormed that I could wainscott the bottom half of the wall in white bead board and wallpaper the top in a vintage-look red and white stripe.

This got the ol' brain juices flowing....but now I'm going back to my original thought of botanical prints and a soft green kitchen, much like the one I have now......hmmmmmmm.......

What do you think?


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