Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Dining Room

I have a dining room in Taigh Beag. In the mobile home, we had an eat-in kitchen and I didn't like that because I had to stare at the pile of dishes in the sink while I ate dinner. The dining room in Taigh Beag is just perfect, though. We're "forced" to eat there because this kitchen is a galley kitchen and has no room for a table and chairs. So, we eat in the dining room like a king and queen. :)

The dining room is also the center of the house. All the rooms are attached to the dining room. It gets a lot of traffic. It's also warmly lit and houses many of our 18th century-themed items. I can see it becoming the hub of hospitality. Right now, it's still swamped in boxes and lacking in a few pieces of furniture, like my grandmother's hutch. That still needs to be picked up. I'd also like to get a sideboard and a cabinet to house our scotch. (yes, hubby and I are scotch drinkers, but for him, it's a few sips a night, and for me, it's more medicinal)

I'm scouring old Colonial Homes magazines for color ideas for the dining room. It has to meld with the other rooms since they all join, mostly the kitchen and living room.

The kitchen is going to be Ralph Lauren Palm Green and White with cheery yellow accents. The Living room is cream with hunter green trimmings. The master bedroom is going to be green and black marble. The bathroom is going to be antiqued french blue. The nursery is going to be yellow(maybe).




Candy said...

We've been moving down in houses. We started off with a 2500 sq. ft 5 bedroom house. We got it for about 125,000. That was before we had kids, and I had a high paying career with IBM. When I got pregnant, we started looking for houses out in the country, and cheaper living, since I was going to have a better job - that of being a mommy.

So, we bought the house I'm in now. I wasn't originally built as a house, but as a vet clinic. Hence, most of our lighting is florescent, and we have a sink in just about every room. This house can be 3, or 5 bedroom, depending on how you set up.

My previous house had 3 bathrooms, this one has 2. This house is 2100 sq. ft.

I'm figuring the next house we'll move into, will probably be 3 or 4 bedroom, and 1 or 2 bathrooms. Don't know yet though.

I'm moving out away from family. We're all here in Colo, but hubby, the kids and I are moving (probably) to OK, TX, MO, or FL.

Mrs. Happy Housewife said...

I like your color choices. Shades of blue, green,and yellow are throughout my own house.

Janet said...

Hi Kate,

Moving is no fun-we moved thirteen times in the first three years of our married life. It gets harder when the kids come along! But one can make a house a home no matter where with a little ingenuity. Flowers help a lot.

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Loving the life from God,