Friday, June 03, 2005

Garage Sale-ing again! Telephone company deceit

I think hubby is starting to warm up to my garage sale-ing on the weekends. Two weekends ago, I bought him a heavy-duty hand truck and some lawn chairs. He liked those. This weekend (so far) I bought a huge and very heavy antique mirror for our bedroom for $8.00. (I also bought a spelling book from the late 19th century, and a parasol with no fabric that I'm going to restore into an 18th century parasol.)

Today, I have 6 on my list, but I'll probably only hit 3 or 4. Mostly because tomorrow is the BIG village-wide yard sale near the town I grew up in. My mom, my SIL, my nephew and I are all going to go. My SIL lives right in the village.

I got my first phone bill for this house yesterday in the mail. $78.00!! I nearly fell off the chair! They told me on the phone it would only be $49.99 a month. Well, they neglected to tell me it was on top of the regular fee and all those other fees and taxes. Needless to say I'm cancelling. And if I don't like next month's bill, I'm switching to a different phone company. Hopefully, I can keep my number, though.


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Candy said...

Tomorrow is a big all-town yard sale out here too. Hubby and I are putting all sorts of stuff out for sale. Since we're moving, we're selling LOTS of stuff. :-)