Friday, June 17, 2005

It's here, it's here!!

My hutch is here!!! Hubby was able to get the hutch today! It's such a cute hutch, hand-made so you won't find it in a store.

We got it in it's place in the dining room and hubby watched me with such amusement as his little wife scurried hither and thither pulling out the boxes of items that will find a home on the hutch. He grinned and praised me as I eagerly explained where and how I plan on putting everything.

On the top shelf ( will change eventually): Ginger jar, 4 reproduction 18th century wine glasses, matching tea pot and sugar bowl with 18th century scene on them

2nd shelf: My collection of handle-less tea cups, 2 or 3 of them being antiques (I'm not sure about one of them) and 4 stoneware thistle goblets

3rd shelf: My collection of tartan and scottish tea cups and saucers

Bottom shelf: my white platter, white soup tureen, white gravy boat with dish, white salt and pepper shakers

Drawer: extra table linens and aprons

Cabinet: my 12 place setting of white dishes (minus one bowl that I broke last year)

If I have enough room, after our re-enacting season, or 12 place setting of silverware and hostess set will be housed in there. Too bad our dining room only seats 4!

I'm such a happy wife today!


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