Thursday, June 16, 2005

Dare I dream hutch

Hubby announced yesterday evening that he'd like us to run up to my grandparents' house Friday morning and pick up the hutch and tables! Hurray! I'm so happy, but I'm not holding my breath. Hubby could be called out for some work. So, I just wait patiently.

It is so gloomy, cool, and rainy out....a nice break from the heat and humidity we've endured. However, the gloom is starting to get to me. I'm a cheap-skate in some ways. I hate running electricity during the day, but this gloomy weather forces me to.

It's cool enough for a long skirt and long sleeved top, perhaps even a cardigan or light sweater. I'm supposed to clean the church today, so it's work clothes for me today.

Getting back to the hutch and tables, I know where the hutch is going, but I haven't decided on the tables, yet. One of them should go in hubby's hobby room, and the other in my sewing area. However, I've been using a large, metal teacher's desk. Then again, I could use the table because eventually that teacher's desk is going to be removed or turn into MY teacher's desk for when/if we homeschool our future children. Decisions, decisions.

I am excited about the hutch, though. I'll have penty of boxes unpacked after the hutch is set up because the hutch will house my 12 place setting fine dishes, some of my nicer serving dishes, and my vintage/antique teacups. My oldest teacup is a wedgwood. It's handless and comes with the matching saucer. I was able to date it to 1840, but a friend of mine who also collects teacups dates it to late 18th century. I got it for $10.00 at an antique shop.

The weekend is upon us and that means garage sales. I think I'll hit just one today. It's an estate sale in the city my church is in. A 96 year old lady kept everything! Who knows what I'll find!

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