Friday, June 17, 2005

Power Outtage

Yesterday evening, 1/2 an hour before I was supposed to start dinner, the power went out. Blech....I have an electric stove. Thankfully, my brother left behind some seasoned wood in the shed where it was dry. Everything else is completely soaked in rain. I set up our re-enacting folding grill and thankfully had enough water pressure to fill our copper mucket with water. After some time in trying to get the wood to burn hot enough to boil the water, I was able to make shrimp alfredo. Re-enacting sure has helped me in this area. I can cook just about anything outside if I can get decent wood and enough coals in the fire.

Of course, hubby and I kept ourselves occupied in the evening. No matter what time of day it is, the dining room is always dark (especially when it's cloudy and rainy outside). So, hubby started a puzzle by kerosene lamp and candlelight. I did some handsewing by the picture window, and when the rain subsided, I went for a bike ride. The power was back on an hour before bedtime. I was glad because I really wanted to wash dinner dishes before bedtime!

I really don't like how we're so dependant on electricity and such modern things. It's so fickle and could easily be taken away from us and many of us are left without defenses or knowledge on how to live without them. Just 100 to 150 year ago, a man and his wife could head out west and make a home and life out of the wilderness. Today, with all the laws and regulations, you really couldn't even try! I feel like we've been backed in a corner and every power outtage reminds me of that.


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Calla Lilly said...

At least you are able to do things without electricity. When we lived in Memphis and it was especially hot in the summer, the power often went out in the afternoon. For us that usually meant we were eating out that night. In a way, I love it when the power goes out in winter (I can take the cold, but not the heat) because it forces us to get away from the media and relate to each other.